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Its a bird! A plane! A deathbeam! by antcow
Its a bird! A plane! A deathbeam!
Commission drawn by :icontheinsanedarkone: for me!

Multiverse real stream: DBZ, Variant verse from prime: 98 B

'The multiverse is easy to travel, sometimes the membranes are like a raging ocean and sometimes like an eye blink. Either way, look out for those trans-dimentional shark bastards! They have human faces and wont shut up about your impending doom!'
- Captain antcow

Freiza is the emperor of the known universe, and he is a hero of wide renown. Hes a just ruler, a fair judge and has ruled for 800 years.
This version of Freiza began much different from the wicked and cruel planet killer that the heroic Goku defeated, this Freiza grew up in an age of a mighty Saiyan empire driven by their pantheon of hyper savage blue haired pantheon of gods.
Despite his powerful parents and older brother leading the resistance against the constantly expanding saiyan territories, they fell in battle one by one until Freiza was alone in exile on a death world, not expected to survive for a month.
Both the brutal golden haired saiyan king and his blue haired deities laughed and turned their attention away from the last son of their most recent defeated enemy.
But Freiza was special, a prodigy among his kind, his strength grew all on its own, but even the young de-crowned prince knew it would not be enough, he had to train.
By the time a mining colony ship landed, Freiza has since mastered his kinds Super evolution. He didn't hurt anyone when he took one of the warp capable ships, but it wasn't painless either. But the miners who got in his way could survive and heal form the few broken bones after all.
He quickly found his ay to join the new resistance led by powerful warriors from earth called humans. He didn't care for leading, he was simply driven by a thirst for revenge, to reclaim his birth right as king of his people. First he had to free them.
It took years, but the moment he ascended once more and a final time, golden Freiza was born.
It was then that he killed his first saiyan god, he kept a lock of blue hair as proof.
Eventually more of the saiyan gods were killed and Freiza was the slayer and the brutal empire of the saiyans themselves died when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, cut to pieces by Freizas deathbeams, leaving the populace to suffocate in the cold vacuum of space.

Now crowned king of his liberated people, Freiza traveled his peoples ruined kingdom to provide inspiration and assurance that the saiyans were gone when his ship passed through a loose fold of reality, slipping into the DC verse.
The people of this world were subdued, crushed under the heel of overpowered gangsters, petty thugs with more power than they could know what to do with.
He killed them all, all of them. It sickened him how these criminals abused the helpless.
It didn't end until he killed the one who called himself Ultraman, he was powerful, but not used to being faced with a equal opponent. Or for that matter, surpassed.
Screaming that he was the Don, the king of the world, Ultraman fired his heat beams but hit only an after image, Freiza was already behind him, burning out his torso with a deathbeam.
The crime lord kryptonian died before he sank into the lava of the shattered landscape below.
Welcome to the fun house 2 Balloon by antcow
Welcome to the fun house 2 Balloon
Second panel of the Duke nukem commission, drawn by :icontheinsanedarkone:

Shrinking his down to size, Nukem raised his heavy booted foot.
Kaleb knew what was coming, he didn't like it but there was nowhere to run, no cover or any distractions for this crew cut prick. Defiantly the former cult general flips him the middle finger, the silent universal fuck you!
Then the foot came down.....
Welcome to the fun house 1 Balloon by antcow
Welcome to the fun house 1 Balloon
Commission drawn for me by :icontheinsanedarkone:

Here is a gift I commissioned for a friend, shes been looking forward to it since Christmas and here it is :D

After a late drunken bender at his favorite bar, world hero (ant not at all an ego maniac) Duke nukem wakes up to the smell of stale popcorn, cotton candy and blood. With the sound of repetitive carnival music assaulting his ears compounding the throbbing of hang over, Nukem tried to remember what happened after beer number 56 and random woman number 9 from the night before but could not recall how he ended up in what he beheld as a far more creepy than usual carnival. And creepy it was, what with the severed heads lined up ready to be kicked into the giant mouth at the end of the game kiosk.
'I'll swallow your soul!' said a high pitched voice
Knocking aside barrels from between kiosks, a disembodied hand scurried toward Duke with its dirty cracked nails as it clicked-clicked-clicked in attack. Catching the attacking hand mid-leap, Nukem crushed it in his own grip to toss it aside.
Nukem was soon under attack from a band of freaks that were freakier than the usual aliens he often crushed on his own, but they died all the same.
'caecux infirmux!' screamed a black robed man spraying a tommy gun
'Your mother!' Nukem yelled back after freezing him, and kicking the victim apart.
With most of the insane carnival burning and falling over, Duke was confronted by a pitchfork wielding cowboy. He wasn't like the others, his red eyes betrayed a killing drive like his own.
Kick ass and take names.......just insane and dark.
'New blood, new strength.' he said in a wet and gravely voice before leaping forward with his blood tainted pitchfork in attack.
Whipping out his trusty shrink ray, Nukem fired, punch line already leaving his lips......
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Tails tapped his wrist-unit to confirm that Lisa and Carmelita were safe after the fight within the duke burger, the screen on his device shown that they were taking cover behind the counter. Lisa watching the front while his foxy lady over watched the back door, ready to pounce upon any intruders entering through the back. But he wouldn’t make them wait for too long, they all needed to stay together with a city wide scrum raging below.
These post-humans may have been a challenge at one time, but their degeneration was finally killing them, and antagonizing the locals of Pandora was a bad move, they were clearly a vicious breed. They practically behaved with the drilled reaction of a garrison protecting a fort, emptying their homes and businesses guns blazing.
He and Amy made their way from roof to roof until thier jumps landed them atop the Duke Burger. They were soon joined by the two ladies below, pleased that each other was safe and together they watched the violence in the streets from behind cover of the neon light lined icon of a cheeseburger held by the restaurants namesake.
'Hey, what’s with all the noise, there's more gun fire to less gun fire ratio than usual out there.' asked Lola over his ear mounted transceiver, her voice lined with a faint electronic buzzing. She was lounging beside the compact multi-task dish atop the ship watching the rhythmic lightshow among the city sky-line.
'Babe, there is a firefight all over the city right now. It’s not the demons, just some super-soldiers and locals fighting. Stay inside until it’s over, I'll let you know.' responded Tails
'Ok, I’m locking down the ship. Oh hey, she's here on the ship with me.' came the reply.
'Who, Rouge?' he asked
'No. Honey is here.' came the reply
Tails breathed a sigh of relief, Honey was in deep cover in the sector posing as a business woman and was set to re-connect on Elpis, but she was here in the city, all the better he thought.
'Ok, keep safe. Love you gals.' he said before cutting the connection. He was not worried, 'The Sly Fox' was much tougher to crack than it looked, so his bunny and kitty babe were safe. They would make short work of any intruder anyway.
It was a violent display on the streets, the momentum the degenerated super-soldiers attempted to gain was easily beyond their reach now that their fight had shifted fully from attacking the companions to desperately defending themselves from the barbaric men, women and children of Pandora.
Rouge was at a slightly higher altitude when the fighting broke out on the streets, the gunfire worried her until she seen her companions were above the streets on a food shops roof. Using her wings to glide down gently to the roof, Rouge joined her companions and quickly embraced her man.
'I'm so glad you’re ok, lover. Did you have anything to do with all this?' she yelled over the intensifying gunfire.
'Ummm....someone may or may not have shot first. But now everyone is shooting, so it’s ok.' Tails said before giving her a kiss.
They broke apart in time to duck for cover after a bolt ricochet off the store sign and into the air. Peeking over the lip of the roof, Tails seen that the sisterhood were falling back the avenue they attacked from under heavy fire from people in the streets and from windows and roof tops. In the distance he could see the corporate garrison charging from behind.
The post-humans won’t last long, checking the local network he had hacked again, he could see that in a matter of minutes the firefight will end. The Atlas trooper’s didn’t hesitate, Chemical troopers melted down screaming sisters and Defenders advanced with their shields as line infantry shot between their comrades wrist-mounted barriers.
Social media on the local matrix-node such as 'Sanctuary bolt hole' was already flooded with videos of the fighting and selfie photos with carnage in the background. Already memes were popping up in comment lines, with humorous text posted over scenes of violence.
It was pathetic, but this is what Tails has come to expect from the people of the I.A. Barbarians with no concept for decency or humanity at all.
'Hey Amy, follow me.' said Rouge who made her way to the roof access door with wide strides
'Where are you going?' asked Amy, who to her credit, moved to follow despite her confusion.
'I'm hungry, and I don’t want any more of that fake soy junk food.' she said as she opened the door leading with her blade.
Callie figured she would be hungry, she wondered if Tails knew he was a father yet but suspected that if he did, he wouldn't let the bat-girl on a dangerous planet like Pandora. Probably, and rightly so, keep her on his ship until they were some place safe.
With a glance of her more-than-mortal sight, she seen that in a couple month or so, the gestation would be visibly evident to anyone. Either way, Tails trusted that they could take care of themselves in the kitchen below as he updated his wrist mounted computer display screen. Carmelita insisted that they bring something for her when they returned, and not to forget the rest of the crew.
Callie allowed herself to feel a little bit of longing for their little family, she had lost her own years before and she survived battles long after they died. She simply couldn’t see where the rest of her life was going. She could go home, find a new love, but not today.
'The fighting is dying down. Seems like most of those post-humans being overwhelmed, some are suffering from heart attacks or nervous system shut down. The locals are grabbing all the loot they can carry, we should get ready to move out and get somewhere safer. I'm willing to bet that a riot will break out.' Said Tails slapping shut the monitor
Carmelita nodded in agreement but otherwise kept to herself as she looked back down to the streets, she witnessed the mob pulling apart the bodies of the dead, both Pandoran local and post-human super-soldier in an effort to claim anything of value.
Callie expanded her senses to gather her own understanding of the situation. The sisterhood that pursued her were nearly all dead, the cities inhabitants were too much for the she-he’s, save for a trio that were absent from the short lived battle. Looking through walls until she was seeing into the clinic, there were two that seemed to be guarding the small structure, they were clearly aware of what was happening, but stayed their grounds. Callie turned her attention to the two men chopping apart a cadaver and seen that their genetic structure was the same as Moxxi and her children.
More of the mad immortals that ruled this nation from the shadows were here, Pandora seemed to attract a lot of their attention, despite its remote location.
But there was a section of the clinic that defied her sight, behind the two men, whose genetic coding indicated they were brothers, was a cube of a grey static barrier. She recognized what it was intended for, it was a multi-interference screen, meant to prevent intrusion within that box. Teleportation, sound, light and more would not escape nor enter, and the counter demonic hexagrams were obvious to her.
By mortal standards, this was a fine defense and would hold an enemy at bay that was at least equal to who built it, but terrans were not mortal and Callie had grown beyond that.
She focused her senses as someone who would look past the flakes in a gentle snow fall to see what is beyond the other side of the barrier. She seen that there was a very tall man on the other side, from the looks of his gene-code he was another brother of the other two men in the front of the clinic, was milling about in an immaculate lab tending to experiments he was maintaining.
But it was the one undergoing deep genetic recoding that drew her attention. It was one of those sisters, her degenerated gene bands that were ravaged by the viral modification was being overtaken and converted. The Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine and Thymine and the other foreign additives were being replaced by pure xeno DNA. The former woman inside was already showing signs change, her bones were getting longer and thicker, her muscles bulged with new strength and her skin became rougher like a reptiles.
Trading virus tainted and broken genes for more tainted, albeit whole, xeno genes to achieve a body that isn’t falling apart under the weight of its own corruption.
This mutant post-human would probably still hunt for her, no doubt emboldened by the new power provided by her flesh-forging.
She can try.
To Callie, the computer managing the change was too loud of its own good. As if she were listening to a monologing professor, she learned that yauja genes were being woven into place of the degraded code, more catalyst would be needed to ensure that the alterations could be completed by the midnight deadline and more protein compound was needed to supply the needed energy for the accelerated splicing. Callie was certain that this soon to be born hybrid will be a problem later.
She withdrew herself from the abhumans lab, gliding easily out of the counter-intrusion screen and returned her attention to the roof top, Rouge and Amy returned and were bearing a feast within the cheap wax paper wrap of the store. Rouge was scarfing an oversized cheese burger that was layered with vegetables and dripping with sauce held in one hand, while the other clutched an overstuffed carry bag.
Poor Amy was struggling to hold up three more such bags all the while hefting her hammer. She leaned over a sitting Carmelita to let a bag roll off the crook of her arm, the foxie caught it and held it under her arm.
'We can’t stay here gal's, save the food for later.' Tails said getting to his feet.
The women all stood to follow him but it was Callie who stepped away from the group. 'I'll be going back to Moxxi's bar.' She said before eating the rest of her juicy burger.
'Oh no, none of us will be alone with that bitch! Come with us back to the ship, we will be safe and together. Moxxi is a monster.' Carmelita immediately said, chopping her arm in the air before her for emphasis.
But Callie would hear none of it, she was set on her course. 'Sorry foxie, I’m going. I know why you don’t want anyone of us alone with her, and trust me, I can handle it. She’s a filthy monster hiding behind make-up and tits, and she’s in danger of me.' Callie said resting her hands on her revolvers.
'I'll go to.' said Rouge stepping out of her family group to stand next to Callie. 'Lisa's right, and if none of us are in the billets she will get suspicious. We'll find out what Moxxi's new plan is and you get ready for tomorrow.'
Carmelita looked like she would protest, but understanding came over her and she kept her thoughts to herself.
'Ok, but from what I can gather, Moxxi is bad news. Stay safe around her, sleep with an eye open. Tell her the rest of us are keeping our ship secure through the night if she asks. The city is already heading toward T-bone junction and we'll be there in a week or so, in the meantime, let’s keep out of trouble.' Tails said collapsing his sword into its hilt and holstering it. But kept his blaster in hand.
Carmelita and Amy turned in the direction of the starport while Rouge and Callie turned toward downtown. Tails grabbed Rouge's hand making her turn around in time to receive a kiss from her shared man.
Breaking away after a moment of enjoyment they looked into each other’s eyes. 'You taste like crisp delicious bacon my love.' Tails said sincerely
'I only eat real meat.' Rouge said. She might have meant the bacon on the burger she just ate, but then again, she was a serious flirt.
Breaking away again, Tails rejoined the other two who were waiting for him at the roof's edge, who were smirking at the scene they witnessed. Together they leaped across the roof tops to make their way to the starport and The Sly Fox.
'All right, let’s go.' Callie said Rouge seemed to pout watching her family leap away, but turned to follow Callie.
In silence they travelled together leaping form building to building heading downtown, unnoticed by the calming rioters below.
They arrived without incident to Moxxi's bar and seeing that the doors were locked down with blast doors, they opted landed softly onto the roof. Despite its shoddy appearance, it was covered with laser tripwires, pressure plates and motion sensors, all connected to shaped explosive charges retractable automated gun turrets and gravity plates.
For most intruders the defenses of the building would have already met a sudden and violent end, as the smears of bloody pulped mass and ash could testify to.
Neither of the two women were armatures and espionage was something they were very talented at. Callie's new advanced senses allowed her to see the invisible beams of lasers, the vibration threshold of the vibration detectors and the rest of the devices were clear and obvious to her. And Rouge, to her credit as an elite, was more than capable of avoiding the clever traps.
Without a word or a sound the agile women crossed the surface to the roof access, easily evading the traps with lighter than a feather foot falls.
A heavy roof access hatch held shut by a thick lock pad barred their path, Rouge gestured that she would handle the lock and Callie obliged her. It was the simplest possible lock, just a heavy hunk of metal with a crude tumbler system, with a grin the bat-girl extended her lock picking tools from the fingertips of her gloves, they were capable of breaking much more complex systems than this, so it took no longer than mere seconds to release the lock and open the hatch.
With an exaggerated bow, as if to welcome an illustrious guest, Rouge held open the hatch for Callie, insisting that she enter first. With a silent laugh of good humor, she slipped in through the opening. Rouge dropped in quickly after.
The slam and vibration of the heavy hatch closing behind her, triggered the traps. Auto-gun turrets sprang from their hidden racks and scanned for targets spraying bolts and tearing into nearby buildings killing whoever was inside, the gravity plates activated and their compounded gravitational forces attracted the sand in the air until neat squares of crushed particles layered over the pads. Poison darts shot into empty air and retractable spikes stabbed into nothing.
After finishing thier pre-programed attack cycles, the killing devices re-entered their active sentry state, waiting for prey that may be more intruders that could be surprised.

Inside the still filthy bar, the two ladies stepped around the discarded cans of beer and other detritus left behind after a night of revelry of patrons, who had vacated to the streets to join in the riots. Moxxi's perverted loader droid stood in stand-by mode in its wall-unit in the back room behind the bar, recharging and uploading new sexual puns, downloaded from the ever shifting topography of the matrix.
They slipped easily past the pun muttering droid in a simulacrum of talking in ones sleep and made their way into the safe house below the bar that Moxxi dedicated to her personal shadowrunning operations. There was no activity, no other runners besides Callie and Rouge. The operations room was in stand-by, a simple screen saver that consisted of pairs of breasts floated in the holo-screen bounced off one another. The medical bay was undisturbed and the lights throughout the facility were dimmed given the lack of activity.
The barracks door slid open automatically to the proximity of Rouge's body and inside it was largely empty save for the late pimp’s team, some of their possessions were laying across their bunks. Assorted clothes, discarded ammunition but nothing of any real value to either Callie or Rouge.
Moxxi would likely sort through the dead shadowrunner teams former belongings to find any useful loot. It was of no interest to either of them.
'So how do you sleep at night? Lola said you prefer naked.' Rouge asked after inspecting an upper bunk for needle traps and poisoned creature compartments, finding none she climbed up in one smooth motion and plopped her supple butt onto the well-worn comforter.
'Alone, if I can’t help it. I assume one of your gal pals told you I sleep quite nude, don’t worry, I’m going to be more modest for the time being.' Callie said as she looked over the barracks, empty save for them.
'That might be a good idea.' Rouge said leaning back to rotate her neck, relaxing the tired muscle and popping a few vertebra 'Speaking of Moxxi, what do you know about her? Carmelita was shaken and I want to know why.' Rouge said, her expression serious
Callie took a moment to consider her answer, looking through the walls into Moxxi's personal chamber and beheld the revolting sight of the titty carpet and other sustained corpses that decorated the room was meant to stimulate the mind of a deranged sexual killer. To Moxxi, the dicks sewn together that swayed in the wind was simply erotic.
'I could tell you, but would you believe it?' Callie responded
'I've been told that Moxxi is a nympho, and a tough fighter. And she’s ashamed of being descended of the local family gang called the Hodunks. She’s also a powerful figure, not just on this savage planet, but for three galaxies around. All the while keeping a low profile as a universal sex symbol and gladiatorial enthusiast.' Rouge described with elegant gestures of her hand finished with a drag of her fingers across her substantial bust as she described Moxxies public and secret lives.
Callie shook her head; 'Did your file mention anything about her being a lust murderer?'
'I'm aware of such a thing, so Moxxi is one of such....creatures?'
'It's worse, she is a sexual monster. Don’t ask how I know, but I've seen the same sight that disturbed Carmelita. Moxxi is a body collector, her chambers are lined with harvested body parts. Breasts, penises even torsos.'
Rouge simply stared for a moment sitting on the top bunk, her flirtatious falling away to grim contemplation. It was a lot to process because the implications were severe, there were few worse than a lust killer, most of which were associated with deviant sexual cults, and purged where found. Pleasure dens were common in the Union, everyone needed to indulge, but it was all too easy to fall to darker pursuits.
And now they were in the employ of such a woman, and Carmelita was right to demand no one be alone with Moxxi, her carnal urges could easily be turned against her allies at any time shes aroused.
Putting thoughts of the deranged Moxxi aside, Rouge looked back to who may very well be the only ally that her little family and team will likely find in the whole of the sector. 'If I ask how you know these things about her, would it be because its common knowledge or you've seen it?'
'Both, Moxxi isn’t the only one, but she is the worst.'
Rouge nodded at this and kicked her legs onto the worn mattress while Callie sat down onto hers and prepared for sleep, both women intended to keep their weapons close to hand, ready to defend against unwanted attention from their host.
Lone wolf of pandora (18)
Been a while since my last chapter but here is the next one, finally!
Between work and everything else, new chapters will be spaced farther apart, but space Nazis and kaiju are
on the way! :D
Barbara blowaway by antcow
Barbara blowaway
Commission drawn for me by :iconganassa:

Ok, Ive been hesitant to post this one but now is as good as any.
This is Bárbara blowaway, the for real final nukem girl, and the heavy weapon/explosive pro of the crew.
And if you have noticed, as some have, most of the nukem girls are very busty, and while its assumed they have the junk in the trunk to fit their top, Barbara is the opposite. While Farrah, Wolf and Alexandra represent the top heavy girl,... Barbara is the bottom heavy girl.
Which is fitting because she can plant herself firmly to the ground while shooting her grenade launcher or a chain gun or whatever without moving X3

But anyway, no more nukem girls. I have at least one for each hemisphere with at least a specialty in each weapon type. So the crew is covered now.

Eyes: Silver
Height: 5' 7"
weight: 130 lbs
Measurements: 40D-24-45


Antcow MCartist
United States
Current Residence: America
Favourite genre of music: Epic metal
Favourite style of art: Sexy art
Operating System: A laptop(WOW)
Shell of choice: I dont have a shell,im human
Skin of choice: Mine(duh.)
Personal Quote: If life is unfair,then be unfair to life.
Well I'm 30 now, I have to admit that I have been emotional these last two days and I cried a few times, I haven't really been able to live life to the fullest and I think back at what should have gone different :'(

But I pray that my 30's will be fuller and more fun than my 20's :') I was in the army for seven years and I had so little time to do anything besides train for deployments, and when I got out, it was right into school and looking for a job.

But I am grateful that there have been people here who have enjoyed my stories and pictures that I commissioned, thank you :')
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