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The others hoe's of Pimp Black lightning’s runner team died with no more ceremony than the first. Next was the School girl  
She was sitting at a one person table in an open matrix cafe, a cooling cup of soy-caf and cream from an automated vending  
machine sat next to her cyberdeck. She was oblivious to the world around her as she was jacked into the matrix, her eyes  
were staring into space but seen into the digital landscape of Sanctuaries grid node.
Despite the war on Pandora, there were thousands of credit transactions per-minute on the commerce grid and she was trying  
to re-rout money from those transactions to a false account in the local bank that she had established. Her master was  
expecting to find funds over $50,000 in that account and then transferred into his personal storage deck.
People could keep whole fortunes in their storage decks, digi-structed down into a palm size device that could hold vast  
sums of money and various items, but there still needed to be a medium to conduct transactions, be it through a cred  
stick, a bank or the general commerce grid and it was this grid that School girl was skimming funds in the form of  
hijacked grid use tax sprites.
Rouge killed her without touching her, while School girl was distracted with her digital theft and her eyes blind to the  
real world, Rouge had slipped by and dropped a capsule of poison into her drink. There were only two other patrons at the  
cafe, neither were any more aware of their surroundings than School girl was and Rouge's act was un-noticed.
The shell of the pill dissolved to release a colony of Dust water into her drink. This nasty virus was a heinous killer,  
it operated by assimilating almost any fluids around them and multiplying until what looked like a body of water became a  
new colony, and this is what happened in School girls coffee to wait for unwary prey to consume them.
When she was done transferring the funds into her masters account, she jacked out of the matrix and re-oriented herself to  
the real world. The open air cafe was shielded from the worst of the storm, aided as it was by the taller buildings around  
them to deflect the gritty wind, the cafe vending machine's lights flickered from the lack of repair but otherwise  
She began to pack away her deck when she realized that her drink was getting cooler and cooler and picked it up and poured  
it into her mouth.
She drank it in several gulps, the taste was horrid, but the energizing caffeine was all that mattered to her.
The viral colony was quick to begin its insidious work, like a swarm of predators the microbes attacked every molecule of  
moisture in her body and the multiplied to continue the inner body assault.
The effect was obvious as within seconds as School girl stumbled and tried to hold herself up wit the edge of the table.  
Her hair fell out in dry clumps and her skin cracked and split to crumble apart like particulate cascading sand from her  
body as it constricted around her bones as the virus devouring her bodies moisture, her eyes sank into their sockets and  
her organs became as ash.
Blind, she tried to stand but her brittle bones snapped under her weight in what were her legs, the impact with the ground  
was more than enough to completely shatter her body, leaving behind the skimpy school girl outfit filled with the remains  
of her body reduced to a pile of dust.
Her gear and loot would be stolen by passersby’s and the dust of her body would be swept away by a claptrap, a rather  
sarcastic custodian unit that would dispose of the remains into the garbage chute to the local incinerator, caring not at  
all that the dust was suspiciously mingled with a set of skimpy clothes.

The next of Rouges targets was the Biker Ho, she was located in the west district in a warehouse converted for an entirely  
"Reputable" and not illegal skag fight pit. She wasn’t there because she wanted to be, her brain wash programing simply  
encouraged her to do things that were considered "tough" as was expected from her "tough girl image" program persona.
And partaking in a violent animal fight while draining deep mugs of ale was certainly within those programmed parameters,  
It was a combination of those parameters and her own inebriation that led to her death.
Biker hoe made her way closer to the fight, shoving past an orc, a dancing psycho and a white big boobied bat-woman to  
find herself leaning against the loose fitting and completely hazardous safety rail ringing and overlooking the arena.
Down in the bloodied dirt of the arena were three skags, all Alphas. They were under attack by a swarm of Kriltic's,  
scorpion-like beasts from off world. The scorpion beasts surrounded the skags who fought back to back, the armored hide of  
the Pandorian beasts deflecting the snapping claws and thrusting stingers.
Despite their relentless assault, the Pandoran wolves natural armor was proof against their off-world attackers and one by  
one, the skags pulled in their enemies and crushed them under their greater weight and savage claws and fangs.
It was over quickly, the victorious skags received the cheers of the crowd and winnings were collected while new beast were  
being corralled to the gates to be readied for the next round.
Biker hoe took another drink, her mug of ale still more than half full and it filled her vision as she tilted it back to  
drink again, she was beginning to realize how drunk she was becoming, she would have to return to the billets at Moxxis  
pub to recover, despite her persona programming, her priority was being an effective member of the pimps team.
She would never be able to get to bed this night because the sudden impact on her back tipped her over the rail to tumble  
head over heel down into the beasts fighting pit. Her mug hit the ground spilling the remnants of its contents onto the  
bloodied dirt, but that was quickly forgotten as the sound of her sudden arrival drew the attention of the still agitated  
skag alphas.
The crowd took notice of the woman in the arena, but in typical Pandoran fashion, did nothing to come to her aid, rather  
the bets suddenly changed to accommodate her odds accompanied by cheers in favor of the mounting stacks of cash against her  
odds and jeers toward the woman stumbling to her drunken feet.
Biker hoe upholstered her shotgun, but in her shaking hands, the explosive munitions of the Tourge made weapon flew wide  
of their marks, the explosions reducing the already pulverized bloody remains of the scorpion-beasts to splatter and mist.
Rouge ate a delicious hot wing from the pack she bought at the food stand of the arena, for all the faults of these  
barbarians, she had to admit that they at least could get this finger food right, she looked over the rail to make sure  
that the hoe she pushed over was in fact dead.
Seeing that her target was in fact, torn apart limb from limb and leaving her corpse bloody and mangled, she returned her  
attention to the spicy wings in the palm size box.
She returned to the food kiosk by the time she finished the little meal of breaded and spiced bird wings and legs to order  
another pack, her appetite was becoming more demanding in recent weeks, she knew why.
But she had to focus, after this mission and only after this mission would she reveal to her family that she was  
A masked midget psycho was punching the sparking vendor, the dents and scuffs on the machine clearly indicated that  
beatings were common in its use, but she already figured out how to get the treats within out.
Her leg lashed out with a powerful side kick right over the midgets head, the impact of her boot rocked back on its base  
to slam back forward.
The machine spat out boxes of breaded and spiced meat to pile onto the floor. The midget snatched up a pair of the same  
and hopped about squealing with joy of gaining free food and scurried off into the crowd to watch a new fight in the pit.
Rouge gathered a few of the waxed paper boxes and slipped out one of the many doors leading out of this "legitimate"  
Outside she melted into the shadows between the buildings and with a few flaps of her wings, landed upon a roof top of a  
dilapidated Sunset Sarsaparilla facility, a small one at that, merely three stories tall. She perched on the back of a  
stone gargoyle, why a soft drink manufacturing facility would need stone gargoyles she couldn’t guess at.
She ate her modest meal, it would be sufficient for the time being. And while she ate, she considered which of her targets  
would be next.
She was rather disappointed.
With only four hoes, a gene-forged post human, a wretched wife and their pimp left on her kill list left, she figured that  
she would be don’t with her bloody task within the next two hours at most.
Finishing her modest meal, she tossed the empty box and cleaned bones and the refuse box away to fall to the dark alley  
way below, the food waste and garbage would be scavenged by vermin for bedding or whatever scraps of food Rouge missed.
She leaped and spread her wings, she glided easily over the roof tops of Sanctuary, the sounds of the city night life  
drifting up to her carried by the wind.
She needed to find the next target, and her eye piece snapped over her eye, Tails was a genius with technology and  
gadgets and this particular device provided many useful functions.
It was tracking each of her marked targets by picking up on the tracking beacons the pimp kept on his hoes, even his wife,  
son and the vat-grown post humans. Over her right eye, the device presented her with a detailed hud highlighting the icons  
representing the targets, in chibi form at that, no doubt a bit of humor on Tails part, likely insisted by Amy.
Aside from the targets she’s already taken care of herself, it was indicated that the son of the pimp and two of the super-
soldiers have already been terminated on the landing pads.
Just as well for her, Amy likely did that herself, she was aching to get out of that ship, probably ran afoul of the  
arrogant boy and his mutant bodyguards.
From her vantage point in the air she could get a glimpse of the approaching demonic horde outside the walled city to her  
right. It was still rather distant and the blowing sand obscured her vision, but she could just make out the imposing  
figure of cyber-demon silhouettes in the flashes of gunfire and explosions. Doom demons were hive beasts, like ants, and if  
their numbers were greater, the local defenders would be overwhelmed. But she was confident that she and her teammates  
would not have to get involved, she knew she could easily kill any one of those demons, but that would draw a lot of  
attention from the wrong people. Still, they would be near the walls soon enough and she wanted to be done with her task  
before then.
She angled away to the left and her flight path took her toward the cowgirl icon with crossed six shooters and an over  
sized hat.
She really needed to talk with Tails, sure she didn’t mind him showing off a bit, but some practicality was needed when it  
came to the job.

Carmelita rounded the corner and strode toward Marcus munitions, an actual store which would be manned by Marcus himself,  
a rarity in a nation dominated by all in one shops in the form of vending machines. This was the place that Moxxi directed  
her to, her ex-husband and gun runner.
He had better be worth it Carmelita thought as she descended the stairs to the main foyer, there were a pair of vending  
machines, both belonging to Marcus munitions. A man was standing in front of the shop keeps kiosk, behind the protective  
grate was Marcus himself.
'I don’t think it works. Can I have a refund?' asked the customer, he was clearly nervous
Marcus manipulated the pistol in his hands with expert grace, he re-assembled the parts and casually aimed and shot the  
customer in the torso, killing him instantly.
'Looks like it works to me!' chuckled the heavy set man behind the protective barrier, he looked up and took in the sight  
of the beautiful sight of the foxie before him and displayed a pleased wide smile; 'Welcome to my humble shop, may I  
suggest a S&S Torment or if you prefer something more elegant, a fire hot maliwan SMG?'
'Maybe later, but I have more important business. Moxxi sent me.' Carmelita said. She stepped around the corpse on the  
floor and slid Moxxi's card to Marcus.
He plucked the card up and pulled a tab Carmelita didn’t notice before, he opened the card and was reading the contents  
within. Not many would know how to read the language within, as it was french form old terra, but Marcus clearly could.
Gunshots sounded from within the shop, the sudden sound in the confined space startled Carmelita, her tail stood up and  
fluffed out. Her nerves were still on edge after her encounter with Moxxi, she would have to calm herself and keep her  
head in the game she thought to herself.
'I have a firing range in the back, a customer is trying her new set of fine jakobs. Not very talkative, unlike you.' he  
joked with a smile.
Rouge quietly descended the stairs and slipped past both Marcus and Carmelita, gliding like a ghost down the hall leading to  
the range. Her foxie friend was busy and was sure she didn’t need a distraction, she was busy herself.
'So Ms. Goozangas has finally decided to get her toys back, should have done this sooner. Ok, I'll help, It'll get me some  
profit anyway. No because I care enough to have her back, mind you, its just business!' he hastily exclaimed
'I'm so sure. Look, we need you to off load a ship of its cargo to make room for the mission, its all weapons and...'
'Yes yes. I know all about that, it was in the note.' Marcus interrupted 'I'll send someone with some of my robot peasants  
to do take your odds and ends.' Marcus said, sliding a high grade credstick across the desk to her.
Rouge found the Sherriff girl hoe practicing dual wielding a pair of purple (deltaware) grade Jakobs revolvers. She was  
shooting a corpse of a now unidentifiable humanoid that had a crude board nailed to it chest exclaiming 'NO REFUNDS!'
It was during the moment that the hoe reloaded that Rouge struck.
'So you know what she’s planning, considering you are paying.....800K without seeing what we have to offer. Seems like you  
really want to see us on our way.' Carmelita asked as she pocketed the downloadable cash device.
Marcus gave an easy laugh as he shrugged his shoulders, despite the clearly practiced pose of nonchalance, it was  
exaggerated to the brown foxie. No matter how he acted here in front of her, it was clear to her that he had something to  
gain from the success of the mission, and was irrelevant what it was to her, she and her team had to stay on their toes  
Rouge drove a strong punch into the vulnerable woman’s kidney and the effect was exactly what the bay-girl was shooting for.  
The stunned hoe dropped her pistols as the breath was driven out of her body as she fell to the side. Her hat fell off and  
in a smooth motion, Rouge slipped a auto-garrote over her targets head and onto her neck. The auto-garrote activated  
immediately, it consisted of two strong metal cords, that when loose, could fit around a targets head. These cords were  
linked to a small but powerful motor device and when activated tightened the cords, quickly crushing the neck of the  
Sheriff hoe didn’t have time to make a sound, the garrote constricted around her neck to tight. Panic overrode her  
brainwashing. She rolled across the floor, her back arched in spasms of impulse and her fingers tried to find purchase  
around the deadly device around her neck, but could find none as the metal sank too deep into the already purpling flesh.
The lack of oxygen slowed her struggles, her tongue expanded until it protruded past her lips and soon her eyes rolled up  
into her sockets.
Rouge didn't savor the death, she made sure it happened and nothing more. Her keen ears detected the conversation her  
partner and the gun merchant had concluded, Marcus would send a work crew of droids to the starport to off load the cargo,  
and like the foxie, Rouge shared her unease. Marcus was a stingy merchant, willing to kill his own customers to avoid a  
refund as he demonstrated.
And to give a credstick with so much cash and not knowing what he’s buying is practically a cardinal sin for a merchant.
Carmelita finished the arrangements with Moxxi's still living ex-husband and turned to leave, Rouge's keen ears allowed  
her to count each step back up to the top of the stairs until she was sure she was gone.
Rouge plucked up her dead targets hat from the floor and after pulling Sherriff girls wide poncho, put on the hat low over  
her head.
With her body and face obscured, she made her way out of the small shooting range.
'Come back anytime to practice my dear. And no refunds!' called Marcus form behind his armored shop counter
Rouge said nothing as she ascended the stairs without comment, it would do well to avoid Marcus from possibly recognizing  
her later, just in case he did get involved with Moxxi's operation later.
Outside the shop, Rouge made her way into a milling crowd before she discarded the poncho and hat. She had to pick up the  
pace, there were only a handful of targets left and she didn’t want to linger on the task.
Marcus, however, would discover the body an hour later. He would claim any loot, including the discarded guns and re-sell  
them, but would wonder who that other woman was, but give it little thought.
This wasn’t the first time a patron was murdered in his shop after all.

Rouge certainly picked up the pace and with gusto. She located Police girl in the streets, seemingly on a ceaseless  
patrol. Likely because her brainwashing calls for it given her "sexy uniform image."
Rouge sneaked up behind her and pulled her chin up by the hoes hair. Rouge reached her curved blade around her neck and  
with a vicious pull, decapitated the police girl.
Rouge dropped the severed head next to the body and slipped quickly away.
A group of locals who witnessed the killing were not phased by the violence and quickly descended on the body to pick it  
clean of loot.

The last two hoes were together with the third and last of the vat grown super humans, lingering at the pierce station  
bounty board, the two ladies were taking notes on local bounties, their rewards and whether any other runners had already  
taken the various jobs while Unit-7, the uber-human stood watch, his massive big daddy shotgun held low but ready.
On the other side of the street was a local gang, consisting of masked psychos and local marauders, their guns and blades  
hanging loose in their hands. They were speaking through their masks, and to casual onlookers, despite their muffled  
voices they were carrying the conversation on quite well.
The truth of the matter was that the gang really couldn’t understand each other’s muffled words, they simply responded with  
laughter and friendly gestures to the same. It simply wouldn't do to be rude to friends in public after all.
Rouge crouched low in the shadows above them on the roof of the building directly above the street gang, she noticed that  
neither groups were paying particular attention to each other, the masked gangers continued to hop about and shove each  
other and generally pal around. The two hoes studied the bounty board and the vat-grown super soldier focus was toward  
Sanctuary's central court yard, the local mechanic Scooter was manipulating cylinder shaped devices around a slowly  
rising central structure.
The super humans relatively simple mind associated the loud noises coming form that direction as the most possible threat  
to his charges, evidently Black lightning didn’t spend enough to develop his bodyguards brains as much as the rest of their  
A fact that Rouge took advantage of. She had constructed a explosive device, made from bundles of a particularly loud brand  
of fire crackers, wrapped around and adhered to a smoke grenade. She was a talented espionage agent, she could make  
devices like this to assist her to sneak past a vigilant guard.
This device was a one of such improvised in her arsenal.
She lit the entwined fuses and pulled the grenade pin and dropped it down to the walkway between the gang and her targets,  
then leaned back and watched to see the results.
The smoke grenade spewed an obscuring grey cloud quickly, filling the space between the gang and her targets. The  
firecrackers ignited seconds later and the desired results came right after.
The blinding smoke and the firecrackers that simulated gunfire and both groups thought they were under attack. The uber-
human bellowed and opened fire with its oversize shotgun toward the sparks and noise, while the gangers did likewise and  
turned their collection of pistols, rifles, SMG's and shotguns and fired a storm of projectiles toward the loud booms of  
the trans-human shotgun blasts.
Librarian hoe took cover behind Unit-7 as he absorbed the brunt of the incoming fire, Nurse hoe was not so fortunate. Her  
shields instantly collapsed under the blind fire assault and her thin body was ravaged by bolts, her limbs were sheared  
off and a shotgun blast that happened to strike her face directly, burst her head to paste.
Unit-7 blasted again and again with his oversized shotgun and managed to cut down a pair of axe-saw wielding psychos that  
charged from the now fading smoke screen, but with the fading smoke the targets became clear.
A marauder armed with a Hyperion made calescent rapier railgun aimed and fired. The energized slug round hit the shotgun  
wielding giant directly in his chest.
The velocity of the slug created a vacuum effect, the entry/exit wound was no wider that the projectile itself, but his  
gene-forged altered organs and more were sucked out with the consistency of jelly. Librarian hoe was no better off, she  
suffered the same fate as the bolt slammed through her as well.
Their hollow bodies collapsing in on themselves to lay in a bloody heap on the ground.
Rouge watched unpassionately as the gangers fell upon the remains, snatching at their victim’s loot with celebratory glee.  
Such savages, she thought. The dead of their friends would be picked clean and left to rot in the street until sanitation  
claptraps come by to sarcastically clean up the mess.
In just over an hour, all but two targets were left. Her HUD tracked their datajack commlink signal was coming from the  
red light district, she suspected that they were spending their cash at a night club.
She left the scene of the latest killing on Sanctuaries streets to cause at least two more. She leaped from one roof to  
the next until she stood to overlook the club 'Pond punk', evidently a popular drinking hole as it seemed from the crowds  
coming and going.
From what she understood, Black lightning and Dark clouds were in a troubled marriage, if she didn’t want to get her hands  
dirty, she should make a plan to take advantage of that fact.
Lone wolf of pandora (14)
Been a while, but real life takes priority!
Rouge is quite a killer XD
Diana destruction by antcow
Diana destruction
Commission by :iconganassa:

This is the second of my Nukem girls: Diana destruction.
She is the spy girl of the crew and there are references on her that refer to my favorite spy games.
Her golden eyes reference 007 golden and her silver gun refers to a gun you can acquire from the same....
And given that she is a women, she references Joanna dark from perfect dark.

Hope you like her!


Sanctuary was a densely packed city of both misshapen buildings and surly denizens. Given that life was cheap and as short as a commercial on Pandora (And the I.A. in general) it was understandable.
Carmelita shouldered her way through the constantly shifting crowd, bumping elbows and nearly retching every time she smelled the rotten breath of a passerby.
Eventually she broke free from the dirty throng when she reached the entrance of Moxxies bar. There were dunks passed out leaning against walls and street curbs, she ascended the stairs leading to the door passing a barber shop quartet consisting of four psychos wearing silly little hats and singing about screaming moons and meat vans full of liquid math. She left the mad men to their ramblings, though liquid math was real, it wasn’t common knowledge in the I.A. That was the more high level science, it could also be used as a data storage medium among other elements, but considering if it’s a coincidence that madmen of another nation happen to mention a style of technology that she was aware of herself was of no interest to her, she needed to talk with her employer.
The armed bouncers didn’t move to bar her entry, they knew she wasn’t just another late night drinker. She didn’t make eye contact with any of the revelers as they threw back mugs of froth topped rackk ale. Ignored the offers to join in on a knife throwing contest that consisted of poor blade throwers at that. The pole dancers were moving their bodies expertly to the beat. And walked past annoying droid that Moxxi left in charge of the bar, its terrible sexual puns fell on deaf ears.
She proceeded deeper into the corridors leading to Moxxi's command bunker behind the bar and down the hidden corkscrew stair case into the network of halls and connected rooms.
She searched for the face painted mad woman and could not find her. Not in the command room. Or the rec room, training room, the armory or the well-stocked kitchen and dining room.
It wasn’t until she notice the light bleeding through the slightly ajar door past the dorms. Coming closer she realized it was Moxxi's own room, along with the light, she became aware of slow music and detected rather potent incense.
'Moxxi! Do you have a moment?' Carmelita called out after banging on the heavy door hatch.
Moxxi was quick to answer, she opened the door on silent hinges and was near. She greeted the fox-woman with a bewitching smile and bare breasts.
'Ah, I’m glad it’s you dearie, I have been needing to chat with you of something important to the mission.' She said taking Carmelita’s hand and pulling her into her personal bed chamber.
The incense was so dense that her eyes watered immediately and she squinted to relieve herself of the irritation, she felt what must have been a curtain of beads, though she did note the beads of moisture suddenly adhering to her shins as the soft tips of the roped beads bounced off her legs. The floor was strangely soft under foot, like she was stepping on water balloons that didn’t pop under her weight, she almost lost her balance if not for Moxxi stopping to help her stay upright.
'Whoa there sugar, don’t get on your back that quick.' she said with humor as she let go of her hired gun.
'I've been meaning to talk to you as well.' Carmelita coughed out between breaths, the smoke in the room was thick and cloying but she was recovering quickly as she began to see the outline of Moxxi's stovepipe hat and slim body.
'Well you first fuzzy honey, my issue isn’t that urgent.' said Moxxi as she idly traced the outline of a heart tattoo on her left breast.
'It concerns the gun merchant you mention, Marcus? I wanted to get into contact with him now and begin off-loading the cargo for our ship hold.' Carmelita said rubbing the fumes sting from her eyes
'Oh yeah, my ex, Marcus. He runs Marcus munitions, a pretty good kinda legitimate business. He sells any and all weapons he can get his hands on, so he will take all you got. Just drop this on him and say it’s about my little quest. He'll get it.' Moxxi held out a card bearing Moxxis image, clearly this was the item she indicated to show to Marcus.
Blinking away the last of the irritation from her eyes, Carmelita fumbled the offered card and it fell to the floor. She reached down to pick it up and it was then that she finally seen why the carpet was so soft under her boots.
She had already picked up the card between her fingers, but she slowly stood back up, in shock of what she realized what the carpet consisted of.
Breasts. Hundreds of pairs of breasts, from a wide array of races arranged in very exacting order to complement their size and texture. Breast excised form Human, Klingon and many more Carmelita could not identify were spread as a carpet across the floor. Some kind of life support to feed them nutrients and hormones to maintain their dewy softness, as they still jiggled and jostled as if still on the women that bore them.
Carmelita stood in shock as she stared down at the floor, a hand held over her mouth to restrain an outcry of disgust. Moxxi was saying something but it went unheard, the fox-woman had to tear her attention away from the floor after a moment of effort.
'What did you say?' she asked with a faint tremble in her voice
'I said if you liked the carpet, then check out my bed.' Moxxi said gesturing toward the object to Carmelita’s right.
New horror greeted her eyes. The "bed" was a pile of headless male and female bodies intertwined together to form a single mass, where their heads should have been was some kind of tech collar that fed nutrients into the writhing forms. A skin blanket provided covering and she looked away before she could identify what the pillows consisted of.
She looked away, trying to keep her sight on the blank wall behind Moxxi, who was now talking again.
'I wanted to say that things have happened that have convinced me that the Pimp and his team are unreliable. His wife is a constant bitch and I'm sick of her threats and frankly they are just not up to snuff for this mission. So in essence, I want the rest of the team, you, your man and that pretty blonde kitty to kill your teammates so I don’t have to pay them. Which also means you get paid a little more of course.'
Carmelita forced herself to regain her composure before she spoke again, looking weak in front of this monster could prove to be a mistake she would pay for later. 'Well, (ahem) more money is always welcome. So you want us to kill them, just how? Here in the city?'
'No one will mind, just walk up and kill'em, I don’t care how you do it. Everyone has it coming anyway. Oh and take this.' Moxxi said as she somehow reached her hand in between her bust to pull out a neck tie from nowhere and presented it to the fox woman.
Carmelita was more confused by the offering, and under closer inspection she found that the tie bore the sigil of Datadyne and the credentials of a planetary CEO.
'What is this for?' She asked and rightly so
Moxxi giggled lightly before she spoke, a sound that more than likely has caused many of her victims to lower their guard; 'That tie belonged to a CEO who was branded a corporate outlaw, apparently that idiot let a Hrud colony infest his worlds ghetto zone to clear away the undesirables. Too bad the base of his world hive city structure was rotted away by those critters and everything came crashing down, hard. But I found him, killed him and took his tie, I could turn it in for the bounty but I really don’t need it, it’s still worth a hundred thousand or two, you can have it. Think of it as a down payment to kill your teammates!' Moxxi said with a cheerful wink at her last murderous words.
Carmelita stuffed the tie in one of her pockets as well as the card she was given for the gun runner she informed about then looked the mad woman in the eye; 'All right, but no matter what, After this mission me and my team will be moving on after we are finished on Md5-Gamma-6, we don’t want to be split up again.'
'Fair enough. Better get to Marcus so your hold can be emptied, hell buy the whole load. I promise.' Moxxi said as she slid her body over the living corpse bed.
Carmelita turned and caught sight of what she thought were door beads. She was wrong, they were penises strung together to form a curtain all the way to the floor. As she used her sleeve to brush aside the horror, she noticed the bright neon green dick that Moxxis loyal adept collected for her sewn among the curtain.
She gave it no more thought, it was sickening. So much so that she pace was steadily quickening. She ascended the tight stairs and past the racks and boxes of booze and out the back exit and into the dirty back alley. She didn’t hesitate to vomit into an already filthy pile of garbage, small vermin scattered at her sudden appearance.

Moxxi watched the foxie dash out of the room, it was clear to her that she was disgusted by the sight of her furnishings, it was not uncommon, sculpted human art was an acquired taste.
She thought of this as she slid her supple form along her writhing bed of bodies, she used the bulging pecs of a headless man as pillows while she relaxed. While she drifted to sleep she considered who she could call upon to replace the unqualified team of Pimp Black Lightning.
She needed a decker, a close combat specialist or two, and at least a few well balanced types who can adapt, and a wild card.
Caleb was already waiting in T-bone junction along with his followers, he fit the wild card, and she needed him anyway to achieve one of her goals. Duke Nukem as well as his girlfriends were unavailable, that would have filled out her roster perfectly, but they didn’t work for free, she didn’t have enough cred sticks at the moment.
But there were a few others who owed her favors, and it was time to call them in.
She could never just fall asleep, she needed a bit of amusement first.
Moxxi waved a delicate hand in the air above her and the palm size device affixed to the opposite wall responded to her immediately. It was a holo-screen projector that cost five hundred thousand credits, it was worth the cost as it could pick up channels outside the solar system and most of the spiral arm Pandora was located in and had a battery life of thirty years.
She waved her hand to cycle through the many different genres. Drama, action, romance. No, none of these, she wanted blood. She selected the Gladiator menu and looked over her options. Live or die, Terror is reality, Running man but it was Rock n' Roll racing that caught her attention, a new episode was playing and it featured the champions of three previous race tournaments.
As soon as the channel stabilized, the shred of a guitar exploded from the speakers along with the noise of the race itself. The roar of the over-powered engines, the shriek of laser cannons and bellows of the over enthusiastic announcer.
She lay back on her sickening bed, relaxing to the movements of the headless bodies, her thoughts moved toward her own ambitions to have her own bloody arena again.
She would have a whole system dedicated to spilling blood on the sand, she would have races of her own, and it will be her voice urging them on to greater heights of violence, and it will be her name they cry to the sky.
And they will love her...she just needed her treasure again and the system she picked out for the site of her new home will be hers, all hers.

While Carmelita expelled more bile, a shadowed figure crouching above her dropped down from the roof of Moxxi's bar to land behind the fox woman.
She landed with silent grace, only causing a slight displacement of air as light as a whisper. She was a bat-woman, she was wearing a skin tight body suit clearly meant to allow her to enjoy total freedom of movement, but she was immodest enough to allow her ample H-cup bust to spill out of a wide "boob window" of her partially unzipped top. She folded her wings behind her as she moved to stand right behind Carmelita, and waited in silence as Carmelita finished throwing up the contents of her stomach.
If the bat woman was here to kill her, at that moment there would be none better. But that was far from her intentions.
The silent bat-woman’s elegant hand slid over the shoulder of the hunched Carmelita, who finished spitting out her retching bile and looked over to see who had touched her.
'Rouge, oh thank the gods its you!' she exclaimed, she didn’t hesitate to embrace her harem mate and rest her face on Rouges ample bosom.
Rouge, taking on a mother like role in the group, was easy for those close to her to approach her with a problem. This seemed like one of those "Don’t ask just hold me." moments.
'These people here are utterly insane.' Carmelita said with her face in between her fellow shared lovers bust. 'They have no sense of sanctity, none at all.' she said looking up
Feeling secure again, they broke the embrace and looked around the alley, they were alone.
'Well honey, I realized that life is awful in the I.A. Life is as cheap and as short as a commercial. These people are barbarians and they are living only one step above hell. If they're not consuming who they war with, they consume each other and war with each other. But what happened, what made sick?' asked Rouge
Carmelita shook her head, unwilling to recount just what unsettled her so much and she said as much; 'No, not now. I can’t talk about that Moxxi, but we should never be alone with that woman, she’s a beast. And I don’t care what anyone says, after this job we are getting away from this place!'
'Calm down foxie brown, I get it, we've been in this galaxy for months. And we’ll be getting time off the field for a while when we get to base anyway, just stay close and focus on the mission. Speaking of, what’s the deal with the tie?'
Callie looked at the tie clutched in her fist as if she just remembered it was even there in the first place, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to clear her mind of the horror she witnessed so she could think clearly before she spoke.
'It’s supposed to be worth a sizable sum, Moxxi said there is a bounty on it for more than 100K. I'll sell it later, she gave it to me as payment, and we need to kill some of the other shadowrunners she’s hired. Apparently they are a risk and she wants them dead.'
'Who does she want dead?' asked Rouge, who sounded rather eager to know.
'I take it Lola was still able to give Tails an update after the loving?'
Rouge nodded, Lola’s goggles also had a handy capacity to scan and save such info. Tails transmitted the info to her data uplink while she scouted the city, she knew the names and faces of all those so far involved in Moxxis operation.
'I have a contact to find in the city to buy all that crap we filled our hold with, apparently Moxxi has an ex-hubby who is a gun runner and will buy it all.'
'Ok, you do that. I'll kill the Pimp and his crew.'
Carmelita seemed relieved to hear that, after what she seen in that mad woman’s chamber she didn’t have stomach for blood shed at the moment.
Rouge was already thinking of creative ways to conduct her impending murders when Carmelita broke her train of thought with a question.
'I assume you noticed that the picture of Lisa was in poor focus?'
Rouge knew who she was talking about, out of all the high resolution and very detailed scans the only one that was horribly distorted was the picture labelled Lisa, the beautiful blonde kitty mercenary. Even the scan details were blank.
'She clearly is hiding something, is she a threat?'
'No, she’s not. She isn’t one of these barbarians. I feel we can count on her, but still, let’s keep her at arm’s reach.' Carmelita cautioned
'You know, it’s strange that she could not be scanned, Lola’s goggles are not shoddy by any means. Their blend of kryptonian and Tails own modifications and can detail stars. There is only a few reasons why they couldn’t do that.' said Rouge
Carmelita knew that was a good point, to say she had a jammer on her was a weak excuse at best. Lola mentioned it to her before in passing when they had a private moment away from the others, but the implications at this point were mounting. If she were a terran, then they may still yet have to fight her.
Terra and the Union were dedicated enemies.
'I've thought about it, but let’s deal with that when it’s a problem. Right now, I'm going to sell the goods out of our holds.....and you have some murders to commit.'
The last comment brought a bemused smirk to Rouges face; 'Murder around here seems more like a daily part of life, they will be dead soon. And you get your head straight, and sell that crap.'
With that, the two agents departed the alley way, one to sell useful wares, the other to paint the town red.

The first of her victims was one of the enslaved hoe's, the one known as House MILF ho. She was performing as she was programmed to do, take "loving care" of the team, she was carrying a simple sack filled with food.
Mostly packaged synth-meats and various dried soy-based products, nothing that even remotely resembled REAL food, but had sufficient nutrients and taste to be edible.
But in her pre-preprogrammed mind, MILF was certain that the soykaf just needed sweetener, and the synth-meat just required long cooking and heavy spices.
As her mind already called up pre-loaded cooking recipes from her "House mom" brand cortex implant, Rouge landed the first strike.
She seemingly peeled out of the shadow and lashed out with a quick slash with a dagger, it cut through the sack the MILF slave girl was holding in her hands and the contents spilled onto the dirty plastcrete pavement of the deserted alley.
Instantly her combat program took over and she drew her Corinthian, it was a Maliwan sniper rifle and took a hasty un-shouldered aim at her attacker.
Logically use of a sniper rifle at such close range was a desperate action, but there were bayonets on rocket launchers because the fighting almost always ended up coming into close quarters, but the bat-woman launched forward and struck out with a powerful kick.
The rifle clattered across the pavement and slid under a dumpster, and with smooth well practiced movements, Rouge spun away and threw the blade directly at her target. The blade flew directly toward the slave woman’s cleavage and would have pierced her hear, but she drew her digi-katana and deflected the knife away.
Her target held the blade before her in a two handed defensive position, like other street samurai her fighting art was programmed into her cortex CPU unit and every movement associated with her swordplay could be called up instantly.
Rouge answered in kind by drawing her own personal blade, a holy-tech weapon just like her companions, was a sickle-like shotel, the tip and the inner curve edge was hyper keen and black while the hilt and back of the curve was a savage jungle green. She held it in a loose one handed grip between her and the mindless slave girl she was here to kill.
The fight didn’t last long, MILF and Rouge met each other in a clash in the middle distance, and the katana was deflected by the blunt side of the sickle with ease.
They met again with a dozens of strikes, MILF's programmed movements predictable and mechanical compared to the practiced, learned grace of Rouge.
MILF would look impressive to the common on looker, but she was moving in an orderly predictable manner, as her programming dictated. Other street samurai whose minds were not conditioned as hers was would develop a form of style from the combat programming. But MILF simply slashed, slashed and thrust. High chop, low slash then high chopped and continued her predictable attacks.
Rouge dashed in a caught MILF's weapon as she brought it down on another chopping attack by the grip, restraining the slave girl’s hands. The sharp curve of Rouges sickle arched inside MILF's arms, the keen edged of the holy blade well within MILF's guard.
Rouge didn’t hesitate, like a farm hand reaping wheat, she hewn the slave girls hands off at the wrists. The agonizing pain was enough of a shock to break through her dense brainwashing and drew a scream from her lips. Rouge leg lashed out with a kick and silenced the sound by crushing MILF's wind pipe.
The slave girl fell to her back and withed on the ground, arching her back as she gasped for breath. She rolled over and tried to crawl away, but her bloody nubs where her hands were made the pavement slick with her vital fluids. Rouge casually strode to her dying victim and lifted her boot over the back of her crawling enemy’s neck, and stomped down with enough force to crush the vertebra, killing her instantly.
Rouge didn’t linger, with a flap of her wings she ascended out of the alley to leave the broken body of MILF behind. Only the distant howling wind of the storm to sing her to her rest as Rouge ran from roof top to the next in search of her next target.
Her body would be picked clean of loot and body cannibalized for meat and bionics within the hour.
Lone wolf of pandora (13)
Well here it is, the next chapter of Lone wolf!
Callie and her new allies have to trust each other for mutual survival and Moxxi has decided that some of the
team shes assembled isn't worth the better fire them!
Nightmare upon the Kingdom by antcow
Nightmare upon the Kingdom
New commission by :icontheinsanedarkone:

Nightmare vs. Eyedol, guess who wins ironically!


The inhabitants of the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom would never discover where the two monsters who would blacken their history books with so much blood.
The two beasts, as they would be called for centuries on end, arrived in this land by accident, damn portals to another world are inconvenient for some.

Soon reports of mass killings became more frequently delivered to Princess Peach's throne room, far to violent to be believed until a twin headed demon smashed apart the portcullis of the castles outer wall.
The beast left more or less out of boredom than any meaningful resistance form the defenders, who it butchered without hesitation or mercy.
The Princess called upon all her means of defense against the now confirmed monsters, one near the castle and the other now on doughnut island. The Mario bros. and even King Koopa.

All fell before the awesome killing power of the two beasts, even the Princess herself.

Then they met on the barren fields of the old western lands, now abandoned due to fallow ground and encroaching sands and the havoc of the battle could be heard and seen for miles.

Eventually the beast wielding the great sword cut down the twin headed one, and after feasting on his defeated foe's soul, left without a trace.
The citizens of the newly Republic of mushroom could be forgiven for cheering when it was learned that the two beasts fought and one killed the other.
Though they lost heros, their Princess and even the Koopas, they carried on and remember the time when the skys stayed dark for a fort night and the world was savaged by two walking war monsters.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Moxxi went into detail of the situation that had befallen the Md5-Gamma-6 system. It began with Kaiju incursions, Harold's landing is a major manufacturer of Jaeger’s of many different factions within I.A. The masters of the Kaiju targeted the world in the effort to reduce the number of metal giants operating in the sector, it was likely meant to aid in their capture of worlds they were sieging in the sector. This in itself would not be a problem given the sheer number of Jaegers on the planet, if not for the Tau fleets.
The Tau began their expansion into the region in their typically preferred fashion, without open war. Trade of goods and services, then emissaries that spread the philosophical concept of the Greater Good among the various levels of society on Harold's landing, recruiting from slaves to generals. When the underground cells of resistance were numerous and gathered all over the world, the tau fleets entered the system, which was the signal for rebellion for xeno sympathizers.
fleet chapters of the Miners alliance and others clashed with the tau forces in space, Rancor-class battleships traded lancing beams of lasers and explosive munitions with the tau's own.
'I last heard the Miners alliance were at war with the Union of Allied Planets, but there are a pair of Crete-class carriers fighting alongside their enemies, why not just leave and let the miners fight alone?'
'That has to do with the world’s unique status. Here in the I.A., this means that since Harold’s landing provides its big deal Jaeger services, it is allocated units from any of the armies in the I.A. to protect it. And no matter what, the units fighting for Harold’s landing are ordered to be loyal to the world nobles before their parent nations.'
'Which means they will not fight each other even if their home factions go to war.' Callie said, clarifying Moxxis statement.
'So what do you want from me? Two of my ladies are already working for you, and I bet you don’t want to buy guns from my hold.'
Moxxi took a swing of her canned juice before speaking. 'Now dearie, I’m mad but I have more brains than my first husband. I can tell that this isn’t a stock ship, even one that’s modified. The armor is one uniform color and covers the whole ship and is clearly high quality, light and isn’t bulky. The sensor dish is low to the surface of the hull and I’m willing to bet you have a stealth system. And this ship has to have more than those heavy cannon turrets.'
Tails took a moment to think to himself on how to respond, he knew that Moxxi had deduced a significant amount of detail about his ship, the value of his unique ship would draw a whole lot of the wrong kind of attention, and Moxxi was a powerful player in the region.
He decided to err to the side of caution.
'Maybe I do, what would that mean to you?'
'The ship I acquired, an Atlas made heavy-frigate, is waiting in dock at T-bone junction, I got a few of those sneaky Carrington spy shuttles, but they have thin hulls and weak shields. Frankly this ship would be better and more reliable, the surface team could fit in here all at once, get there faster and in one piece.'
'And you want to hire me so I can do just that for you. I would, but there’s a few problems.'
'Like what, sugar?'
'Well for one thing, I have guns to off-load. And this system is in another whole other galactic arm, I could get there pretty quick, but I'd be waiting for two weeks at most for your other ship to catch up. And in a battle field no less drifting on silent running. That’s a lot of risk.'
At this Moxxi smiled, she had prepared for that as well. 'Have you ever heard of the Galactic Padishah Empire?'
Who hasn't? Callie thought to herself, they were a huge and powerful empire consisting of a branch of humanity that left the Fel Empire during its early years. A very feudal and rigid class system of united family houses to form a single nation. They were a people that invited mutation via a drug called spice mélange, it was the single most important resource to those people, so much so that each house maintained their own military and will go to war with each other. They even worshipped the giant worms that produced the precious substance, for all their power, they were looked down upon for their devotion by the terrans like her.
Rumor had it that their God-Emperor that ruled over them was a worm human hybrid of great power.
Moxxi continued her explanation. 'They have beings called navigators, they are twisted as all hell mutants, high on spice and can bend space. That’s how their FTL works, they just appear and reappear almost wherever they want. And that’s how I plan to get us there and back, I have a navigator and he's working for me.'
Now that was a tall claim thought Callie, a notion that was shared by Tails and his crew. A Guild navigator was nigh-impossible to encounter for all save the most powerful and influential within their own empire.
To think that one would desert is just as impossible to consider, navigators were artificially super evolved humans that in truth, didn’t bend space but rather navigated fold space, a dimension that exists just a few seconds around the current real space second. Inside fold space travel was mere hours, but in real space it was instantaneous.
This is one of the several reasons why the Padisha Empire was so powerful, aside from their advanced but simple technology supplemented by heavy reliance on human excellence, strong armies and spice induced enhancements, for the most part not many other nations were aware of just were the worm worshippers empire really was, let alone how big given that their fleets could literally strike almost anywhere and instantly in the universe.
'Ok, that’s hard to believe. A Guild Navigator is a very important part of their daily lives. They just won’t leave their lives of privilege and wealth, not even for you. Your tits are not that persuasive, I’m sorry.' this came from Carmelita who clearly didn’t trust Moxxi at her word.
Moxxi seemed to almost take insult to Carmelita’s words, the fact that she lifted her bust in her hands and let the pair drop as she talked indicated what stung the most. 'I'll have you know that my Congo bongos have made grown men and women kill themselves for not getting to enjoy, thank you very much dearie. But no, I didn’t seduce a navigator, rather I found him in his tank marooned and buried under garbage in the Rust commons. And after a short chat, mostly begging on his part, I had him dug out and kept safe and fed. And that’s how we will get to where we are going. And to help get you on board, I'll get introduce you to my third ex-husband, Marcus will buy off your whole load. He needs new stock for the war that’s going on and all. So what do you say?'
It was a lot to take in. Tails was in charge of his team, who were also his lovers. And while they were all warriors, there was always that part of him that didn’t like putting his ladies in danger. He confided in Amy and Rouge that he worried constantly as Carmelita and Lola were separated from the group ever since Lola was arrested. He wasn’t keen to let that happen again.
And they all had their greater mission to consider.
'I'll have to think on this, I want to keep close to my women and I do need to empty my holds. But I'll have an answer for you by the time Sanctuary reaches T-bone junction.'
'That’s fair enough handsome.' Moxxi got up to leave and turned back to say something else to the table. 'And if you want to see the navigator in the flesh, he'll be at T-bone junction. Don’t ask his name, He'll just say he’s one of the Edric's. I'll be at my pub, head back over when you’re done here.' she then turned to leave
Callie finished her drink and walked out into the hall, she was followed by Carmelita and Amy, and no one noticed that Lola stayed behind forcing her hand into Tails pants.
In the hall, the door to the crew lounge slid shut behind them as Carmelita introduced Callie to her fellow boyfriend lover, Amy.
'Well Lisa, this is Amy. Our team’s tough girl and ship engineer.' Carmelita said
Callie felt at much more at ease among these people and offered her hand for a shake. Amy, however, brushed past her outstretched arm and picked the blonde feline-woman up into a tight and very strong hug. This pressed her face against Callies supple bust of course.
'Modest much kitten?' she asked cheerfully as she increased the pressure of her hug. It was deceptive, but her hug was far mightier than it looked.
Callie was utterly unaffected, and she knew it was deliberate on Amy's part, these agents of the Fel Empire were testing her. Seeking to understand her.
Amy set her down, allowing Callie to re-collect herself after the show of friendly affection.
'I’m guessing you’re the cheerful one to keep everyone’s spirits up?' she asked adjusting her bust held loosely in her fishnet top
'Among other things.' Amy said while winking to Carmelita
Carmelita slightly blushed at the wink, but was quick to recover and address Callie. 'Lisa, I wanted to ask you if you could act as a guide to Amy and show her around the city. She can certainly manage on her own. She wants to stretch her legs after being on the ship for so long, and I want her to meet a new team mate on this mission. Will you?'
'You talk like your man has already said yes to Moxxi's offer.'
'He will. ‘Said Amy as she scratched the back of her ear, casual in her confidence.
'I'll catch up with Moxxi and find out more about her contact that she said will buy-out our holds, but first to get the bunny.' Carmelita reopened the door to the lounge to be greeted by the sight and sound of Tails thrusting into the bent over a table Lola's body.
'Yeah! Prison fuck me you three tailed prick!' Lola demanded as she held onto the holo-table, her pants at her ankles and tits swinging, one of which was gripped in her lover’s hand, the other holding onto Lola's short hair.
'Ohhhhh, I've missed your dirty talk!' Tails said cheerfully as he thrust ever harder.
Carmelita shut the door before more could be seen or heard, the short back to the boarding ramp was one of awkward silence. It was almost hilarious, but no one dared to laugh, though the restrained looks on Callies and Amy's faces bespoke of their desire to laugh.
Carmelita, despite that, was a little bit envious of her partner, she was hoping to climb onto Tails before the furyan woman.
'Well, since she got to him first, I'll go ahead and catch up with our employer, I have some questions for her. You two can check out the town. I'll find you later.' Carmelita turned and walked down the ramp and back into the night storm leaving her lovers ship behind.
'I'll go get ready, kitten. I want to look my best when I strut my stuff.'
Callie nodded and simply waited at the bottom of the ramp and waited for the pink hedgehog woman to finish dressing up. Outside the storm continued, but her heightened senses could detect the taint in the air. The demons were much closer than predicted, she could hear their chattering, and their scratching at the awareness of the mortals they hungered for. Callie noticed that the city shields were raised, this included spacial disruption static, and this was obviously meant to prevent the incoming demons from teleporting past the walls. She could feel the mounting tension in the city, even these people, who are dulled with drugs and daily drudgery of violence, had sufficient instinct to know when such predators were closing on the city.
Callie leaned against one of the pneumatic arms of the boarding ramp and waited for Amy, the only other people on the star port deck were deck hands carting off the last few crates from the other, less impressive ship around Tails own.
Her thoughts drifted as she waited, she began thinking of what she should do after this mission. She wanted to go home, return to her people of the Imperium, back to Mars. She could just fly there herself, Terrans didn’t need starships for FTL flight and she could be home in mere months at most. Problem was it wasn’t unknown for people of great power to be able to perform such a feat, like Kryptonians, and such an act was easily detectable.
And with so much energy emitted from a humanoid figure would draw attention easily. So her only choices in the matter was either hide out and wait for rescue, or buy a ship and slowly make her way out into Wild Space. She would be able to avoid practically all the major space bearing nations by flying outside their borders.
As it stood, she was certain that there were at least a dozen other beings on Pandora alone, and she would rather not attract their attention.
The moment of peace was soon to be broken, as Lil 'thunder shouldered his way onto the starport landing zone followed by two of the towering gene-mod super "niggas". One of the males and the female.
The former fallen prince of a Black Panther clan quickly caught sight of Callie and immediately strode directly toward her.
He clearly had an issue on his mind, and not a pleasant one. And he didn’t beat around the bush when he spoke.
'All right, ass meat. Its time.' he said with an expectant tone, his Torgue shotgun slung over his shoulder, his hideous artificially enhanced dick swinging in full view.
'Fuck off, punk! I have no time for you.' Callie said refusing to back down to this weak man.
'I’m here to fill you with my thick seed, bitch! It’s my right given to me by my entitlements! No come with me, take your clothes off and open up, slut!'
As he rose his voice with his demands, the vat grown super humans became agitated. The one named Gary picked up his Big Daddy designed chain gun and charged its firing system and brandished it.
'Bauwse dawg says joo laid with him, give him poon!' the idiot post-human beast said
Crazy bitch had something to say herself. 'Legs OPEN! Pussy WET!' the bestial woman thing bellowed over the whipping wind.
Callie had enough of this shit, she is a terran, and though she intended to keep her true nature secret, she was sick of these barbarians trying to intimidate her.
It was time to put them in their place.
'I think you better GTFO while you got the chance, and pack your fake ass dick with you too.' said a sweet voice from behind Callie
She looked back to see Amy was now not only dressed, but ready for a fight. Amy was dressed in a red leather outfit consisting of a jacket that showed off her midriff and zipped open enough to allow a pleasing sight of her supple F-cup bust cradled in a black bra. Her hips we wrapped in a tight but almost too short skirt that bore a gold heard medallion at the belt. She also wore knee high boots. But it was the huge hammer that she casually carried as if it weighed nothing.
Callie was almost shocked to cry out in surprise at the sight, because it was a Maul of Hades, a weapon of the Imperium, in the hands of a non-Imperial.
She immediately analyzed what she was seeing. There was no other was she could have acquired the hammer without the Imperial owner being killed and the weapon taken away. If there ever was a chance that her kinds tech were to fall into non-Imperial hands, it would be set to destroy itself, and that’s what happened to the hammer. It was clearly reduced to nothing more than its tough shell as it retained its vicious and heavy shape. She knew that everything else that made a Maul of Hades what it was had been destroyed, as it didn’t call out to her or an aura of holy shadow wasn’t radiating from it. As holy-tech wasn’t unknown outside the Imperium, so the Union replaced its dissolved internal aspects with their own brand. Its spiked face consisted of holy grade ice that would not melt in anything less than godly fire.
Amy let the huge head of the hammer drop to the ground and hoar frost instantly spread from the impact around her. 'Let me handle this, Lisa. Hey nigger, fuck off like you were told!'
A moment of stunned silence followed her words, like the hypocrites of ages past, the modern day successors of "The Hood" firmly believed that certain words belonged to them, and any who didn’t share the same skin color as they were clearly racist.
'RACIST!' cried out the vat grown post humans.
'Bitch! You better both get on your knees and beg, or you’re fuckin dead!' the fallen Black Panther prince demanded, drawing his shotgun
'And what if I don’t you fake ass, standard issue, basic bitch nigga? You were told to fuck off! NO PUSSY FOR YOU!' mocked Amy
The next words that came out of Lil'thunders mouth was as an angry snarl. 'I WILL HAVE PUSSY! IT'S MY RIGHT! YOU CANT SAY NO TO ME!' He shouldered his shotgun and aimed it at the two women, shifting between Callie and Amy.
Following their masters example, Gary raised his chain gun starting its barrel spin up cycle and Crazy bitch finger nails grew into glossy black claws, their edges glinting in the faint light.
Callie acted first, she activated her rifles bayonet and in a swift, smooth and calculated movement, threw it like a spear. The rifle made for a poor imitation of a real spear given its shape, but with the force of the throw, the Dahl made seraphim rifle struck true and pierced the chain gun directly center of the spinning barrels causing instant and massive system failure. The mass of the invasive rifle jammed the ejection mechanism causing the loading and firing function to fire its belt fed munitions inside the chain guns primary receiver, while the motor forced the barrel to rotate until the six barrels and the rifle twisted into a single mass.
All this combined to cause the rapture made heavy weapon to explode, shrapnel ripping the uber-humans body tearing much of his torso apart leaving only a left arm, a burnt head and ruined torso to launch back across the landing zone past Lil'thunder in a bloody mess.
Amy and Crazy bitch charged each other but Amy reached her and struck first.
She dragged the hammer behind her initially, the blunt side of the heavy head dragged a shallow trench behind her. But with easy and well-practiced ease, she swung the spiked face in an uppercut that struck the gene forged woman’s torso with such force that her muscular body folded around the hammer like blood wet paper. The holy tech ice spikes flash froze Crazy bitch's body as it launched into the air to shatter into chunks and scatter across the star port landing pad directly behind Amy.
Lil'thunder was shaking with fear, his lust fuelled anger was utterly extinguished at the sight of his dead bodyguards that he forgot about the shot gun that fell from his shaking hands to clatter to the ground.
The complete and total defeat of his father’s uber-humans with such ease shocked him to his core. He seen them strangle raging orks with their bare hands, he couldn’t see these two women as mere toys for his amusement.
His Edict of Entitlement copy in his pocket suddenly seemed a useless roll of synth-paper, he had figured that if he brought it to this confrontation in public it would be enough to force the women who denied him to submit.
He was about to die, and it was Callie who struck next, she aimed her holy gun, Maggie, for Lil'thunders manhood and fired.
The bolt split into smaller shards from the primary core, the spread was just wide enough to engulf his artificially enhanced manhood and pulverize it. The holy destructive energies reduced the horrid penis to ash.
Lil' thunder fell to his knees, his mouth open to a silent scream. In his delirious shock, he reached down and attempted to retrieve his lost manhood, but his numb fingers passed through the pile of ash that was once his junk.
Callie activated the bayonet of her Ares pistol and casually decapitated the weak son of the pimp, the hyper-keen edge of her blade passing through muscle and bone with contemptuous ease.
Both women didn’t look back as his head landed wetly on the ground as they passed by, at the edges of the landing field the locals were watching, awoken by the prospect of a fire fight.
They would be quick to strip the bodies of any loot and remove the remains, little trace of what occurred would be left behind.
'So that was one of Moxxies hired guns too?' Amy asked as her hammer collapsed down into a small simple bracelet on her arm.
'Oh yeah, just a typical "I'm entitled, gimmie gimmie!" prick.' Callie explained as she transformed her own holy weapons into rings around her fingers.
'Wont his dad be peeved that we just killed his son and two expensive vat grown post-humans?'
'This is Sanctuary, we are only a little bit safer here than outside, he just ran afoul of a couple of better killers.'
'Yeah, he running afoul is rather convenient. We don’t have to explain a damn thing.'
Callie agreed, she realized that she would get along nicely with this crew from the Union.
Lone wolf of pandora (12)
Been a while, but a new chapter is ready!
Enjoy! :D


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Well I'm 30 now, I have to admit that I have been emotional these last two days and I cried a few times, I haven't really been able to live life to the fullest and I think back at what should have gone different :'(

But I pray that my 30's will be fuller and more fun than my 20's :') I was in the army for seven years and I had so little time to do anything besides train for deployments, and when I got out, it was right into school and looking for a job.

But I am grateful that there have been people here who have enjoyed my stories and pictures that I commissioned, thank you :')
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