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Antcow furry! by antcow
Antcow furry!
Commisison drawn for me by :iconshonuff44:

I figured it was time I got a fusona, its fitting that I'm a silver lion man, I am a leo after all.
Gods at war!
Commission drawn by :icontheinsanedarkone:

This was a bleated B-day gift for myself, and here it is, Kratos killing Spawn.
I don't really have a short story for this one, I commission pictures that have something to do with
my fanfic and the pics get ahead of the written story itself.
Here we have my heroic Kratos destroying a godly spawn with the blade of olympus, Kratos tore off spawn wings and his godly axe, Abomination, is just floating away. Soon to be spoils of war for the victor :3

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The city of Sanctuary sailed through the air, the impulse engines pushing the mass of the levitating city at a steady  
pace through the sky, the pilots of the city took the opportunity to rise above the demonically driven worldwide storm.  
This provided the city and its inhabitants with an open calm star filled sky free from swirling grit from the storm  
raging a mere one-hundred feet below. So the inhabitants were slightly less agitated as there was only some gun-fire to  
announce the morning hours.
Their sleep was uneventful and peaceful in Moxxis bunker command center, and soon after Callie and Rouge awoke they met  
with Tails and the rest of the team, and together ate from the real genuine food stock that Moxxi kept in her pantry for  
her chosen shadowrunners, housed as they were in her bunker.
Shortly they were joined by Moxxi herself. She was dressed in a deliberately tattered white outfit and top hat, but no  
clown make-up, it was to this she said; 'Too early for that crap. That’s my public face, y'all.' Moxxi said in a heavy  
southern accent, a holdover from her previous life as a Hodunk.
Moxxi was informed that the pimp’s team was 'taken care of' and would not be an issue. Moxxi was pleased to hear this,  
when she realized that the Pimp and his family team would be more of a detriment to the mission she had to remove them.  
And personally preferred her shadowrunners to die for her in a successful mission. But she kept that little bit of info  
to herself.
Curious as to their plan, Moxxi was questioned what was the next step, to which she answered that her shadowrunners not  
worry their little heads about it and just relax.
But there was a newcomer at the table that caught Moxxi's attention, she had somehow escaped her notice until she asked  
Lola to pass the hard boiled rakk eggs. She was a golden-yellow cat girl with long pitch black hair and dazzling sweet  
honey golden eyes. She was dressed in a tight fashionable red leather dress with matching knee length boots.
Tails introduced her as Honey, another of his shared lovers, she herself explained that she was selling some fashion  
wares, and other non-combat items, on Elpis and had arrived just before Sanctuary took off, along with the other  
And despite the enthusiasm she expressed to be a part of Moxxi's team, she was suspicious of this newcomer. This Honey  
girl was not mentioned until now and she was assured that there were no other secret women he would spring on her.
Moxxi was not happy about this surprise, but kept her slight annoyance to herself.
Tails vouched for her that Honey was a seasoned fighter and would be more than capable of carrying her own weight on the  
mission. Moxxi could see that she was as the cat-girl was armed with elegant maliwan wargear. A fire-nova shield, cryo  
SMG, all purple-grade and probably more digi-structed away.
But, despite her misgivings, space had certainly opened up on the roster for the mission. The rest will be filled once  
they prepare to deploy for the mission from T-bone junction.
Moxxi already lined up the replacements for the 'retired' pimps team, she didnt want to call in thoes favors, but  
circumstances dictated otherwise.
After eating Moxxi took her leave, she had a bar to open for the loving public, it was almost six A.M. after all. And  
some people needed to get ready for work, like murder, stalking and gunrunning.
Moxxi advised her remaining shadowrunners to enjoy this downtime while the city sailed to its destination, because once  
they arrived, they would be making their way off world, first stop was Concordia on Elpis.

Despite the unrest that occurred the night before, the lab of Dr. Ted had remained undisturbed. The lights were dimmed  
and the only sounds were bubbling fluids and the muffled hum of the labs dedicated generator.
Dr. Ted himself sat in silence staring at the AutoDoc as it rose from its floor hatch containing his latest creation,  
the hybrid woman within should already be awaking.
Auriel otis Trask stirred within the warm oxygenated protein soup that fed her during her transformation. The autodoc  
retracted needle filled tubes and drained the fluids keeping her suspended, the hatch slid open and she fell out.  
Gravity took effect and she felt her weight, as she tumbled forward. But reflexes, both honed through battle and other  
very alien, landed her on her feet.
Her gene-forging made her much heavier, but she was lean and not encumbered at all as she stood up to her new towering  
height. She looked for a long moment at her new body, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was rippling with new  
muscle, stretched across her body like steel cords. Her skin was tougher, somewhat reptilian with fine scaling. And her  
vision itself had changed, she could see temperature differentials as her sight now included the infrared spectrum,  
overlaid on top of her original vision. Running her fingers through her hair she discovered tha there were skull ridges  
rising from the top of her head.
The lab was almost cold with total blue and purple, except for the only other person in the room.
Dr. Ted was a flare of red and yellow as he stepped forward and offered a large towel to cover herself up, she waved it  
away, confident in her new and very naked post-human augment body.
Dr. Ted was not put off by the naked hybrid-super woman who could now look him in the eye and tossed aside the offered  
towel. 'How do you feel?' he asked casually looking over the post-humans body.
'I feel....alive.' she said, it was simple but it meant so much. She could feel and taste the air, discern individual  
particles. She could feel vibrations of distant footsteps through the floor and hear the heartbeat of Dr. Ted.
She felt far more powerful and she could clearly imagine how much more effective and deadly her sisterhood could be once  
the rest had undergone the same process as her, they would take her birthright in one fell swoop and she would take  
control of The FIVE corporation and reshape it in her image, new sisters would be created as hybrids like her and she  
would grow FIVE until it was the matriarchal empire she dreamed.
'Your whole sisterhood is dead, last night they caused a riot and their defective bodies could not handle the stress.'  
Dr. Ted stated without prompt.
Auriel took in the sudden words, her disbelief shielding her dreams of glory against the thought that she was suddenly  
alone with no allies, a fact that would shatter that very dream. 'Don’t test me doctor. I gave orders not to engage any  
of our targets and to await for me after my operation.' her voice was powerful, female but deeper.
Dr. Ted gave an arrogant smirk and snapped his fingers. A dozen holo-screens activated in response and displayed the  
events of the previous Pandorian night hours.
She seen the rioters swarming the remains of her unit, sisters dying from combat wounds but distressingly more died form  
failing bodies. But Dr. Ted was smart, enough so to focus the footage on the initial targets that drew her sisterhoods  
attention, one target in particular that has been the ire of Auriel for months.
She watched the recording of the fire fight that occurred in the local Duke Burger as two armed women taking cover behind  
the front counter were trading fire with squads of sisterhood uber-humans. One was a shapely brown fox girl, but the  
other was the faded and blurry image of another woman. It made no sense, everything else on the holo-screen was in sharp  
HD detail. She could read the prices of the menu. Pick out bolt holes carved out of room by each shot, yet this one  
person was a perpetual blurry blob that never came into focus.
Except for her revolvers.
It was her, it had to be her. That elusive blonde cat-girl who stole her prize on Rapture, and who she perused from to  
this horrible ashtray of a planet, was gunning down her loyal sisters before her eyes with those same guns that were  
supposed to buy her way to her destiny. The reason for her sisters to disobey her orders must have been because her  
second in command sighted the cat-girl and wanted to acquire those guns before she was back on her feet.
And she could understand personally, she knew what must have been going through for months. The failing bodies, the  
weakness and the loss of purpose and the desperate drive to prove themselves, not only to the enemies of the unit, but  
to each other that they were still worth their salt in war.
And now they were dead, killed by the high-on-violence citizens of Sanctuary. A population that would, during their  
glory days, had been conquered in an hour at most.
With a wave of his hand, the holograms deactivated leaving the doctor and the hybrid to stand alone in silence for a  
moment before Ted spoke.
'What will you do now? Your operation is paid for, but you have no army.' he asked
A prudent question and one that she wasn’t prepared to face but had to answer.
She was alone, no back-up, the odds of her ever being able to re-take FIVE corp without an army of gene-forged super  
soldiers was non-existent.
No army. No mission. No choice left.
'Revenge. I owe that cat cunt-bitch that much, and then I'll will take my guns from her!' Auriel said as she turned away  
from the doctor.
She would have marched right out into the street naked in her rage if the Dr. Ted had not grabbed her arm, and amazingly  
held her in place. Despite trying to shake his grip loose, her new hybrid strength didn’t loosen his grip.
'I have a better idea. Instead of rushing to fight, why not begin learning what you are first?' he asked her as he let  
her go
Auriel was almost to infuriated to listen, he vision had become more saturated with red, it came with a strange  
sensation. Like a cocktail rush of adrenaline and pleasure. She's had felt a pre-battle rush before, she’s held the line  
of battle in trenches muddy with blood, in charges she led across bridges connecting miles high spires and in the  
cramped dark of a drop pod during a planetary assault.
This like violence and sex rolled together into a wet bloody amalgamation of the two.
The Doctor let her go and waited for her to calm down, years of iron discipline eventually won out over her new instinct  
to kill slowly ebbed away.
'So what do you mean by that? You think I don’t know how to fight? I’m a life time warrior!' Auriel snapped when the red  
cleared from her vision
'I don’t doubt your experience, but you don’t yet even know what you are now. You are a hybrid, with Yautja genetics  
interwoven with your revitalized trans-human DNA. This is more than just a strength boost, you will now have instincts  
and abilities you will have to begin learning. To facilitate this, you have the information already implanted in your  
psyche, via psycho/hypno programming implanted during your transformation.'
Auriel was about to question what was put into her mind but was silenced when Dr. Ted gestured to her to follow him, he  
led her to a weapon crate and opened it.
Removing the contents and placing them onto a cleared table, he presented them to her. She instantly recognized them,  
and despite knowing she should only know them as predator weaponry, she knew that the pyscho-conditioning was telling  
her she knew how to use them.
She picked up the mask and seen that it was scarred and pitted from battle. Turning it over in her hand she seen that  
there were straps attached, clearly this modification was meant to be fitted on predator heads, looking inside the  
interface was active, the knowledge of how to use the mandible controls that activates the vision functions popped up  
into her mind as soon as she looked upon them.
Setting mask to the side she picked up the wrist unit. This was a combination unit, triggering the blade release  
launched the trio of savage serrated blades launched into the forward position. She admired the alien forged blades,  
they were hard and despite its age, the edge was as keen as it was on its day of forging.
Realizing she could read the yautja runic language, she typed in commands to activate the cloaking device, as she was  
holding the device, its effect passed onto her and light flexed around her form, nearly hiding her perfectly from plain  
sight save for the faintest of ripples.
Deactivating the device and setting it on her forearm she turned to face her benefactor, Dr. Ted simply looked back at  
her, seemingly bemused. He knew that new instincts were clashing with her current thinking process, he could only  
imagine how she would cope with her new self. If he didn’t already have more important tasks at hand, he would indulge  
his scientific curiosity and monitor this new gene-reforged human.
There was nothing really left to say to each other, the doctor completed the gene-reforging like he was contracted to  
and she didn’t want to question these last gifts he had given to her. She strapped the savage ritual blade to her leg and  
put on the mask.
Seeing the world in a wash of reds, orange and blue she activated the cloaking device and strode out of the lab. The  
front of the clinic was as dirty as she remembered, Ned and Zed were nowhere in sight, it was closing hours and the  
lights were dim. The rack of skulls were shadowed and took on a menacing aspect, watching her and judging her.
Shaking away the strange thoughts she turned away and exited the front door, an on-looker might think that the door  
opened on its own, but there were few people were on the grimy trash layered streets and wouldn’t notice the brief beam  
of light cutting through the door opening.
Outside the door she seen that the last two sisters she left to guard the entrance were still there, dead at their post.  
She didn’t feel much for them which surprised her. These were post-uber human's that served with her from the beginning,  
when her sisterhood was first founded and she should consider their dedication to her an honor.
But she felt little more than disgust, contempt.......for the weak. With her new sight she could see the lines of cracks  
in their dried skin and from the crusted blood had bled form their faces she could smell foul acidic taint from their  
degraded bodies.
Auriel didn’t waste any more of her time on the dead bodies of her former comrades and on re-wired reflex and new  
instincts, crouched low and leaped to the roof of the two story building across the street. Surprised at herself that  
she would immediately jump as soon as she had the opportunity instead of simply walking down the street. A feeling came  
over her at that moment, she quickly slipped into the deeper shadows and simply waited in silence.
This strange urge to stay out of sight must have come form her new spliced predator-genes, along with the urge to creep  
along the roof to gaze down onto the city and watch the citizens walk the streets below. She was quickly beginning to  
enjoy stalking potential prey like this, she was already anticipating dropping down on a mumbling Psycho, stabbing him  
down through his collar bone and piercing his heart with her new wrist blades. Or maybe leap across the street to the  
next roof, drop down into the dark alley way and drag that off duty Jakobs sniper to quietly die out of sight.
It took considerable will power to keep herself from leaping down on the unsuspecting prey below, she slid away from the  
edge of the roof, and she tried to calm herself in the shadows.
After long minutes of heavy breathing she looked at her new strong hands, what had she done to herself?
And then as if responding to her doubts, her hand twitched and triggered her wrist blades to extend. The answer came to  
her and brought a smile to her face, she wasn’t just a super soldier now, she was a hunter as well.
And she needed to hunt.....and feed.
Auriel, now more certain of herself, leaped away over the next building and ran along the roof to jump again. She reveled in her new fresh vitality, and she would get acquainted with her new nature this night.

Over the next few weeks during Sanctuaries flight to T-bone junction, a new brutal violence was visited onto the city.  
Though violence and killing was common place, but bodies skinned of their flesh and left to hang from bill boards to  
swing in the breeze and headless bodies found in the streets were new.
with each passing day and night, Auriel quickly adapted to her new self, and freely indulged her new bloodlust.
Lone wolf of pandora (19)
Ok, its been a while, but I hope this will be amusing.
Leave some comments and tell me if its at least sequential X3
Long ago when I began taking my daydreams and transcribing them to paper, I had considered writing a story of a Swat Katz vs Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator crossover.

This actually might work given that I already write fanfics of so much separate stories and their features smashed together.

Should I?
I guess some of you have heard of the recent decision by the supreme court to legalize gay marriage.
I'm not going to hide my position on the matter, I am against it. And this will be fought for as long as it takes, I can only see dark times ahead as things will get worse if this, among other things, defeated.

I am a Christian, and I would rather be right with God before anyone or anything else.
Now to the people who watch me for new art I commission or new chapter I post, I wont hold it against you if you un-watch me or curse me, I wont be surprised.

But know this, refusing to accept and even fighting against what is wrong and bad is not hate, not one of us knows what that really means and should pray we don't ever see that day.

Bless you.


Antcow MCartist
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Well I'm 30 now, I have to admit that I have been emotional these last two days and I cried a few times, I haven't really been able to live life to the fullest and I think back at what should have gone different :'(

But I pray that my 30's will be fuller and more fun than my 20's :') I was in the army for seven years and I had so little time to do anything besides train for deployments, and when I got out, it was right into school and looking for a job.

But I am grateful that there have been people here who have enjoyed my stories and pictures that I commissioned, thank you :')
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