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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Auriel pushed open the door of the Sanctuary clinic followed closely by her fellow sisters hauling the crude container  
filled with the units hard won money. Auriel took in the interior of the clinic with a sneering glance.
It was dirty as was normal for this city. Grime and blood mingled on the floor and walls, tattered dividers barely hid  
clearly dead bodies on crude hospital beds. The clinic was incredibly small, the morgue was less that fifteen feet away  
and a pile of bones lay to the side of the poorly maintained wall storage units. There was a pair of sickly patrons  
waiting for the attention of the house doctors, sitting on simple bar stools near the entrance door. The paid no heed to  
the three post-humans who entered and passed them, lost in the misery of their sickened state.
Occupying the operating floor was two of the three brothers who ran this clinic chain, Zed and Ned. They were both twins  
save for the mustache that Ned sported outside of his surgical mask, somehow. They were inspecting the body of a marauder,  
seemingly disassembling the cadaver more than dissecting it, separating bionics from the organic matter. Likely for the  
sake of harvesting organs and selling the augmentics for profit.
'I'm here to talk to Dr. Ted.' Auriel said addressing the two brothers
'Look Ned, its those big gals again. Looks like she came back alive.' said Dr. Zed
'And I was sure those RomuRakks that were allegedly made in a lab we may or may not run and that we allegedly lost  
control of were too crazy to be killed. We're not crazy, they were crazy!' exclaimed Dr. Ned
'And it looks like she brought us a gift. said Dr. Zed
Auriel gestured to the sisters accompanying her to bring the repurposed locker forward to set it before the brothers  
feet. She opened the container to show the brothers the funds inside. Ned scooped up a handful of gold, silver and paper  
currencies. He and His brother inspected the monies and both nodded to each other in approval of the offer.
'Looks like you can pay for it. Who will be getting the gene-forging operation?' Asked Zed
'I will be.' Auriel responded flatly. It was agreed among the sisters that she, as the leader, would take the risk  
first. And there was only enough for one anyway, so if the genetic operation failed it would only affect one sister.
And if that happened the rest of the sisters wrath would be quick and brutal. A final act of carnage to commemorate the  
demise of the sisterhood before their ruined bodies finally failed them.
Ned dropped the handful of cash back into the pile and stepped over to the sealed door behind the operating table. He  
punched in a code and opened it, holding it open, Auriel entered the door and was surprised by what she seen.
The door shut behind her but her attention was drawn by the utterly clean and well lit lab. It was the complete opposite  
of the filthy squalor of the public clinic, it didn’t even stink. The floor was mopped to a shine, as she could see her  
reflection, there were well maintained Bunsen burners bringing fluids to a boil. And the air was cool, clean and crisp  
even in her degraded nose.
'I see that you didn’t wipe your boots off, very rude to drag dirt into someone’s clean floor.' said a deep voice from  
behind her.
Auriel was genuinely surprised, it might be because of her failing body, but Dr. Ted consistently always managed to take  
her by unawares. She turned to face the man and he was as imposing as ever before.
He was taller than her and even more massive than she was, and he had thus far never seen any fear for her or her  
sisters in him.
'Forgive me for being in a hurry, I'm kinda dying, Doctor.' Auriel said staring up into his shadowed brown eyes.
Dr. Ted chuckled to himself to that and, with an arm sliding around her shoulders, led the post-human deeper into his  
lab. 'My brothers would not have let you in here unless you paid, I assume you’re ready for you operation?'
Auriel shoved off the huge man to stare him into his eyes again with a gauntleted finger pointed up to his face. 'Listen  
Street Doc, I lost soldiers for that money and all that it can get is one gene-forging. If this fails my sisterhood will  
find you and kill you slow!' she spat
Ted gently turned away the finger with his own massive hand. She couldn’t resist, and she began to see that even at her  
best, he would be the stronger as her hand was forced down.
'No worries, you paid for a top-quality flesh works and you will get it.' Ted turned away and with a gesture to the lab  
noo-sphere activated the operating section of his lab. Rising form a six sided pad on the tiled floor rose the most  
advanced auto-doc Auriel had ever seen. The FIVE Corporation utilized MK. 4 auto-docs to transform a mere human woman  
into a mighty sister-warrior, MK. 9's were reserved for high level CEO's due to their expense.
Dr. Ted had a MK. 10 in his facility, and of red grade quality. The doubt she had for the three brothers was dispelled  
and replaced with baffled surprise. How could he have this kind of tech? And there were three more collapsed into their  
floor units. Five million credits for a full genetic regeneration and re-forging was practically a steal.
'I'll need you to strip down and enter it naked, of course. The operation will revitalize you to the cellular level, the  
useless virus will be purged and replaced with the perfect DNA for you, pure Yautja essence. Any bionics will be removed  
to make room for your new form to grow and develop. You will become a new you, better than before.' explained Ted
Auriel nodded in understanding, she stepped off to the side to peel off the beaten armor and ragged under garments. Ted  
paid this no mind, he was preparing the auto-doc for the operation at hand, his hands moved with experience and grace to  
call up the pre-loaded commands for his clients operation.
Ted finished his preparation and turned to behold a naked Auriel. She felt shame for the first time in the sixty years  
since she was transformed into a post-human. Her skin was sickly pale and her once supple muscle was stretched and  
reduced. She was a pathetic sight and she worn so much armor more for the sake of projecting an image of power, but  
without it was clear she was diminished.
'The virus that FIVE used to make me and the sisters in the warriors we are, you plan to inject the new culture FIVE  
uses, right?' She asked almost desperately
'You wont need it anymore.' answered Ted
'But its what makes us strong.'
'The Baron-3 virus has been discontinued, and even if i had the new strain, it would be a temporary fix. Besides, its  
what’s killing you now, its dead weight and its eating you alive. This process will purge you of that useless garbage and  
replace it with genetic samples from the pure-strain of the predator race. You will not only be better than before, but  
you will have abilities beyond a simple increase of strength and speed, but you will have access to instincts you have  
never felt before. And I can do this for all your sisters, blend them with essence of any race they could desire, such  
as any of the Elf and Orc races. Kilngons or Xeno or Coldling.'
'Why?' was all Auriel could ask, it was opening her and her unit to power they never dreamed of. Not even FIVE would  
date to give their creations such power. The virus was only meant to be a means of mass producing replaceable super-
soldiers, that much was clear to her. But this Doctor was seemingly heedless of creating a post-human that could survive  
independently from him.
'Because I simply can. Shall we?' Ted said gesturing to the open hatch of the waiting auto-doc.
She didn’t hesitate, the promise of new life and power she never imagined waited for awaited her. She stepped into the  
cylindrical device and floated in mid-air just a couple inches off the floor. The anti-gravity system held her suspended  
to allow the device to perform its appointed task with ease, the nimble robotic arms would be able to reach every part  
of her body with no hindrance.
Ted shut the door of the auto-doc and watched it sink back into the floor. Unlike his brothers, Ted was competent in the  
gene-forge arts. While his brothers could create dangerous beasts and mutants, his were stable and reliable, and as one  
of the foremost gene-smith's of the I.A. He could promise the desired results to his customers.
Providing augmentation on this scale to anyone who can pay was unheard of outside of the labs of nations and hyper-
corporations. But personally, Ted also did so just to prove he could, he knew it was a problem for the big players like  
them because the means of creating post-humans of this quality was something they wanted under their control. Sure any  
street walking skag-head could inject a Plasmid and throw lightning or spew bio-wasps, that was just genetic alteration  
wet-ware that amounted to a simple addition to what’s already there. That could easily introduce hormonal imbalances that  
Ted did not tolerate, and that’s why he was not a common street-doc.
His flesh craft rebuilt a subject from the DNA chain up, it’s much more thorough and as close to natural as could be  
gained without cross-racial breeding. And he had no time for that.
It would be a few hours before the genetic-recoding and splicing to be complete and he had other concerns. The city was  
being prepped for launch and he wanted to make sure all the his equipment was firmly secured, it wouldn’t do to have  
gurneys and boxes flailing about as the city rose into the air. And he had to make sure all the necessary counter-
demonic wards were in place to prevent any uninvited guests. He learned from the last time a Hell knight teleported into  
his other lab, sure he strangled it to death, but it was such a bother when all those genetic cultures were smashed in  
the struggle.
Shrugging off the unpleasant memory he went about his task.

The corporate troopers were falling back in good order to the walls of Sanctuary, the demons suffered more than their  
mortal prey. The weaponry of the corporate troopers were such a impressive variety that the vicious claws and fangs were  
easily trumped. It was the vastly superior numbers of the fiends that pushed back the mortal defenders.
On the walls of the city, Jakobs snipers didn’t hesitate to begin picking off Imps, Bull's and one sniper brought down a  
towering Cyberdemon with a well-placed bolt through the eye.
Mounted turrets along the walls activated as soon as the first demon came within range, the gun crew's opend fire with  
mortar and lance cannons. With support from the city walls, the troops on the ground were afforded the opportunity to  
make a quick retreat to the gate.
Before the main door even began to close the ground was shaking, rocks were jumping, propelled by the vibrations. The  
demons were seemingly ignorant of this as they pushed through the weight of fire from the city walls. Given time the  
demons would be at the walls, but they were already to late, the city began to rise out of the ground.
The hellish beasts further away from the city guns stopped on their hoofed paths, halted by both their instinct that  
they would not reach prey, and a sudden command form their queen. A savage insistence that the attack be ceased, the  
great army assembled by the prey-things were attacking the nest, and there was real danger that the queen was threatened.
Visions of the vast army of the mortal prey-things marching toward the nest with monstrous war engine walkers casting  
their shadows overshadowing them bombarded the defending demons. The imperative to defend the nest overwhelmed the  
inherent drive to hunt and kill.
Demons that were out of the city guns range turned and ran hard toward the distant nest, the others fell victim to  
mortars and bolts in their backs as they too tried to turn and run to answer their queens call.

A cheer rose up from the walls that spread to the rest of the city, the demons were repelled and the city rose into the  
air to high for them to attack. Drunk Terry spewed bile in celebration that he would in fact still live to drink another  
High sister Trask would be pleased to find the guns she has been relentlessly searching for presented to her as she  
emerged for her gene-forging. And the great plan can move forward all the sooner.
Callie and her new companions didn’t join in on the impromptu festivities, they were making their way past the surging  
crowd, intent on returning to Tails ship, 'The sly fox'. Despite Carmelita's insistence, Callie decided rest in the  
shadowrunner billets, but it was agreed that she would look out for Rouge and stay near her for the sake of safety. Moxxi  
would be suspicious if at least one of them were not there.
Carmelita conceded, but wasn’t happy about it, after what she witnessed in Moxxi's private chambers had made her adamant  
that at least the closet to her would not sleep in her dirty hovel of a bar.
But they were all being hunted, and a pack of dying wolves had caught sight of them. On a roof over looking boulevard,  
one of the last sergeants of the sisterhood, flanked by two other sisters, stared down at Callie.
She was certain this was the target, the cat-girl who stole the two sacred revolvers from the sisters during their  
retrieval mission on Rapture. The she-he mutant relayed her location to the rest of the unit. A string of confirmations  
echoed in her ear piece as the unit began to converge.
Post-human's shoved and shouldered their way through the crowd and paid no heed to the growing number of angry looks  
and harsh words. This was a pack of beasts near death and finally discovering their prey, they were not going to slow  
down for the sake of manners.
The readied their slut-guns in anticipation of the coming fight, the whole unit had lost the guns to the strange cat-
girl, the fact that she escaped form their grasp on Rapture, and eluded them all across the Pandora. But here she was,  
in this air-borne city, trapped inside the walls with nowhere to run.

Callie knew that she was being surrounded, her every sense was telling her that she had minutes before the she-he uber-
humans attacked. She would have known this even before she ascended into a demi-god, as she could have counted the heart  
beats of everyone in the city. She denied it for much longer than she should have, it was the only answer to the power  
she now had.
Terrans were not ignorant of such things, The Imperium are the children of heaven and are privy to knowledge that the  
gods of lesser nations denied their people. Terrans were born immortal and as close to perfection as could be without  
being outright demi-gods. But like what happened to her, she rose to the next level, and it should have been obvious to  
her on Rapture. She killed a demon princess which were always demi-gods, she was either at least equal or greater to  
She was certain that once she returned home, she would likely be delivered to the White Gates and learn how to properly  
develop and understand this new self she spontaneously became under the tutelage of one of Heavens academies. She had  
no idea how she would explain her absence to whoever would be the one to receive her, hopefully it would be Peter.
Bringing herself back to the moment, she brought the situation to the attention of her companions. 'We are about to be  
attacked.' she said bluntly
'Really? By who?' Amy asked, quickly glancing over the celebrating crowd
'Remember those post-humans I pointed out to you? Look to the roof of the building to my right, those spotters found me  
and I’m certain that my position was called in.'
Tails quickly tapped a series of commands on his wrist comp. It was no challenge at all to hack into the city  
surveillance system and keyed in a mass search for individuals that matched what he seen looming over the companions on  
the roof. Keyed factors of the query search for body mass, weight, height, race.....gender was questionable.
But he found the information he needed and Lisa was right, 124 low-grade, degenerating super-soldiers were closing in,  
they were wearing patch work armor and armed with black-grade (or slut) guns, each as cobbled together as their armor.  
He anticipated a few short minutes before they were surrounded, they needed to act fast.
Rouge was unaccounted for, she was somewhere in the city and Lola was at the ship. So for the moment the only support to  
call upon was himself, Amy, Carmelita and the stranger Lisa. And if they were after her, the she-he's would certainly  
target them.
'Ok, Amy, your with me, were taking the roof's. Carmy and Lisa, take to the ally's, go into buildings, keep moving and  
don’t let them surround you!'
There was no time to flesh out the plan of action any further than that, Tails grabbed Amy by the hand and used his  
tails to launch into the air arching over the spotters. The spotters aimed and opened fire on Callie, who along with  
Carmelita dove behind nearby road barriers, peppering their cover with bolts charged with different variants of the  
industrial elements: Cryo, fire, explosive. The mixed parts of their guns, they fired indiscriminately at their intended  
target, whether a panicked civilian crossed into their field of fire or not.
That was one mistake that would return to haunt them, the next was they ignored Tails and Amy hovering over them. Tails  
spun in the air to gain momentum and let Amy go to fly down onto the spotters. Amy smashed the spotter squad's sergeant  
under the head of her maul, the spikes easily penetrated the she-he's torso and into the roof. Using the spikes of her  
hammer as a means to brace herself, she continued her momentum to swing around to deliver a powerful kick to the snarling  
sister beside her, sending her enemy over the lip of the roof. Tails dove down upon the last sister on the roof with his  
blade, she held her rifle across her body to ward off the blow, but his Gladius was holy-tech and its keen edge sliced  
through and into her body, bisecting her from head to crotch.
The sister who fell to the road was swarmed by the locals infuriated by the earlier attack, knives found their way into  
gaps in the armor, stomping feet and rifle butt-stocks beat her down until a gunshot put a bullet into her head, killing  
It was then that the first squad elements of the other sisters stormed in from branching roads to behold the crowd  
already pulling their dead sisters equipment from her body. Callie took aim with her Ares revolver and gunned down four  
of the sisters in as many shots, shocking electricity coursing through their body to reducing them to ash.
The sisters opened fire, both on the crowd and in Callies direction. Carmelita leaped to her feet and kicked open the  
locked door of the corner Duke Burger with Callie right behind. Taking cover within, Callie returned fire with both of  
her revolvers, her accuracy was flawless and killed with each shot and only stopped when the citizens of Sanctuary  
surged into the street and engaged the gathering sisters, no one on Pandora was unarmed and always looking for an excuse  
to kill.
Carmelita kept her cover opposite of her fellow shadowrunner with her sword drawn, she watched as the uber-humans were  
bogged down by the assaulting locals, grateful for the support but surprised by the savagery of their attack. She was  
reminded of deprave cultists rising up to defend their hidden shrine.
The post-humans were not making any advances toward the fast-food restaurant, so many of the locals had swarmed into the  
street that the sisters had to struggle to keep all the blade wielding midgets off their backs while sustaining fire  
from the people filling the streets, a rather obnoxious rabble that took the time to yell obscenities thorough the  
Callie super keen senses informed her that the city was turning on the sisterhood across the city. Snipers hidden away  
behind curtained windows and atop buildings picked off their targets, some sisters bodies were finally reaching their  
breaking points, one suffered a fatal heart attack and fell to the ground leaving her fellow post-human vulnerable to  
attack from behind. While another suffered sudden blindness and another’s bones fractured apart under her own weight and  
crumbled within.
It was anything but a battle, it was closer to watching the last of a decrepit race die off. In their prime the sisters  
would have certainly performed better, possibly even taking over the city, but these were a breed cast away, an obsolete  
tool left to rust away.
Callie knew that there was a small element of the sisters making their way to the rear entrance of the Duke burger,  
their boots and the thoughts of aggression booming like psychic megaphones. Their Tourge made shotguns would no doubt be  
used to blast open the door and the whole element of post-humans would assault in, they thought they could take her by  
surprise. Carmelita's man Tails spoke over her ear piece to inform her of the flanking element himself a mere second  
'Babe! More of these mutants are about to attack you from your back door!'
'Got it!' She responded just before an explosion resounded from the back of the kitchen to them in the front, the key  
pad of the back door announcing that the authorities have been informed of the door breach in a high-tinny electronic  
Memories of the escape from Rapture came to Callies mind, she escaped with the aid of a McDonalds managers shuttle, but  
here she wasn’t running, she aimed Maggie and fired, the bolt splitting apart until its deadly fragments over the order  
counter and tore into three of the sisters as they charged through the kitchen.
Callie and Carmelita charged as one into the squad of remaining she-hes, Callies gun mounted bayonets and Carmelita’s  
sword glinting in the flickering gun-fire light.
Each slash of their blades cut apart the attacking sisters with ease, guns were cut to pieces and hands wielding them  
were severed to fall to the floor followed by heads. These sisters were no better off than the ones dying in the street, their bodies were fighting against their intentions as much as the two women they were attacking.
With a final boom of Callies Ares revolver and after Carmelita bisected her opponent the fight was over. They stood over their enemies ruined bodies with their tainted blood dripping form their weapons, the Duke Burger fared no better, tables and chairs were smashed the walls covered in bolt holes and the floor littered with the debris of battle.
Killing in a fast food restaurant, what has this universe come to?
Callie was certain that she…….might not fight in such a place again. Hopefully.
Lone wolf of pandora (17)
New chapter, Im on a roll! :D
Sake hiroshima by antcow
Sake hiroshima
Another nukem girl, commission drawn by :iconganassa:
Sake is not a typical Japanese woman, she is not quiet or demure. Shes
aggressive, curses and is anything but modest.
Shes a fast fighter, getting in close to deliver all three barrels of her shotgun
in the many unfortunate faces of her foes.

Wolf nukatotem by antcow
Wolf nukatotem
New nukem girl a commission of mine drawn by :iconganassa:
Wolf is the expert sniper of the Nukem girls, shes a skilled tracker
and has been known to shoot other snipers through their own scopes.
Wolf isn't subtle with her bust (not like the others are any less so) and
treats her milk muffins like pillows as she waits in ambush. X3

Measurements: 45I-24-37
Cassandra starfeather, Pilot/Hunter/Metal head by antcow
Cassandra starfeather, Pilot/Hunter/Metal head
Commission drawn by :iconshonuff44:

This is a OC I've been waiting on last November, and Im glad shes finally here! :D
Shes my native American purple squirrel girl, and resident metal head. She rocks herself to sleep every night
to Panteras Floods and 10's in the morning.
And she don't need glasses, its kinda a vanity accessory for her.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Carmelita was feeling better, her stomach was devoid of its contents of the local Victuals. And for all the nutrients  
that soy based slop and imitation meats could provide, she wasn’t missing much. For a short time she contented to walk  
the among the streets with no particular destination in mind, all in the effort to clear her thoughts of the vile  
decadence of Moxxi and the effects of the mind numbing fumes that clouded her chambers. She realized that she hadn’t  
asked her lover Tails to run a vitals check on her to see if she were tainted with a narcotic of some kind.
The foxie girl ignored the cat calls and paid little mind to the midget psychos stabbing a victim long after death,  
eventually she found herself striding into town square.
It was buzzing with activity, the gates were closing just after a convoy of refugees drove through, but it was to the  
pair of familiar faces she seen sitting on a park bench that drew her attention most.
Amy and Lisa were casually talking, Lisa pointing out figures of the refugee convoy that deserved particular attention.  
Following the direction of her hand, Carmelita took notice of strange armored figures wielding what was referred to  
locally as "Slut guns". To her experienced eye, these figures were post-humans of some kind, dispossessed super-soldiers  
cast off by a careless faction within the I.A., she couldn’t bring herself to think on them, she wanted to sit down.
Her companions noticed her approach and Lisa (Callie) slid to the side and allowed Carmelita room to sit down between  
her and Amy.
'You look awful, what’s wrong?' Amy asked with genuine concern
Carmelita shook her head before speaking, clearing away the jumbled images of Moxxi's decadent tastes from her minds  
eye; 'I just seen what Moxxi sleeps on, no matter what don’t be alone with that psychotic woman. She’s a hedonistic  
'What did you see?' Callie asked. She already knew as she had already seen through the walls of the bunker with her keen  
terran eyes into Moxxi's chamber. It was disgusting to say the least, but prompting an answer would be for the benefit  
of her partner.
'Her bed is made of bodies and dicks hang from the, I don’t want to talk about it now. Let me write it out on  
a report back on the ship. Where we will be sleeping tonight.' she said that with finality, she was disturbed by what  
she seen.
'That bad huh? Ok, but we still have to be around the crazy bitch at some point. Lisa was pointing out that bunch of  
buff-bitches over there. Tell Carmelita what you told me.' Amy urged Callie, who obliged.
'See that gaggle of super-soldiers on the other side of the square?' Callie asked pointing out the post-humans in  
'Those dirty, raggedy bunch that look like they’re about to fall over. Is that who you mean?'
'Yes, I encountered them during a job on Rapture. It seems they have tracked me here.' Callie produced her pair of  
Gold-grade revolvers and displayed them to her companions. 'They want these, not sure for what, but it looks like they  
are killing themselves to get them.' Callie re-holstered her pistols 'If they find me you’re going to see a vicious fight,  
I don’t expect you to get involved in my fight.'
'You've been good to us so far, and we are in this together. Sharing the same run job or not, we can help you.' Amy said  
drawing her hammer and letting its heavy head smash onto the ground, sending spider webs of cracks spreading from the  
That was good to hear, though these women were from nations that stood against her own, she would rather stand with the  
civilized peoples against the barbarian. It was a shame because she was fond enough of these Union born gals that the  
though that they could end up on opposing sides saddened her, thinking that she could have been their friend was a  
better thought that going to war against them. But that wasn’t something she had to worry about at the moment.
Trouble was coming their way.
While the post-humans of the sisterhood separated into groups and marched into the in roads and alleys of Sanctuary, a  
group of the city dwellers were crowding around a bright yellow muscle car, cheering and chanting a name.
'Mary Death! Mary Death!' they repeated over and over with the fanaticism of desperate adoration
The woman who was clearly Mary death slid out of her driver side window and climbed on top of her car. She spread her  
arms to welcome the renewed cheering of her fan boys and girls.
Carmelita was a proper lady in her own way. She refrained from cursing, she was formal in her behavior but enjoyed being  
sensual with her man in public. She wasn’t shy showing off her beautiful figure with clothes that could maintain some  
modesty, but Mary deaths self-presentation just pissed her off.
She was clearly a woman that indulged in her beauty and wielded it like a tool or a weapon to achieve her own goals. She  
wore a one piece suit, it was colored with red stripes on white, it presented a naughty nurse image. Her top opened to a  
low curve that presented a generous boob window and her skirt was so short her panties were clearly visible. Her  
Stockings and Garter belt just seemed obnoxious.
After witnessing Moxxi's depravity, she wasn’t keen to deal with an imitator. Putting such thoughts out of her mind and  
leaving Mary death to sign autographs, Carmelita leaned back and looked up into the stormy sky. Despite the static  
shields of the city, some sandy grit got through on the vicious winds. She also noted that the sounds of combat was  
getting closer to the walls, she might not sleep well tonight. She recalled that there was a plan to lift off the city  
to spare it a siege.
Better fucking happen soon, she thought.
'What might that be, stuffed in between your super big gulps?' asked Amy with a lopsided grin, pointing to the tie  
stuffed between Carmelita’s ample bust
'Moxxi gave this to me, she said there was a bounty on it that we can take as extra payment. Apparently corporate CEO  
ties are valuable when they are war criminals. She says we could get a hundred thousand credits for it at least.' said  
Carmelita pulling out the tie and idly twirled it
While she explained the purpose of the tacky accessory, it caught Mary death's eye as she was passing by. She shooed  
away her adoring fans with flirty waves and stood before the three seated companions.
'Hey there sugar, that’s a nice tie.' Mary said. She shifted her stance to one foot and placed a hand on her hip. This  
was a clearly well practiced stance for her, seductive and innocent.
Carmelita was not impressed with the unsubtle display, she could see that Mary wanted more than a simply chat.
'Its tacky to say the least.' She said examining the tie closer. There was clearly circuits woven within the fabric  
could likely contain ID information, pass codes and other sensitive data. She twirled it around her finger and stuffed  
it between her bust again.
She leaned back on the bench and looked up at the celebrity shadowrunner looking down at her expectantly.
'What do you say I take that off your hands? I am a tie hunter and I can take that off your hands. A lot of people will  
kill for one of those corporate scum ties. So how about this, give me that tie and Ill give you a autographed pic-grab  
of me?'
'I'm sure I can handle turning in this tie to that bounty board right behind me, but thanks for the heads up.' Carmelita  
said pointing her thumb over her shoulder toward the for mentioned bounty board of Sanctuary.
Mary death was clearly becoming agitated by the nonchalant dismissal of her request, she was used to unconditional  
fawning from others and wasn’t impressed. Her posture shifted along with her mood, she rested her knuckles on both of her  
slim hips and squared herself to face the seated foxie.
'I don’t think you get it honey. Most women decide in the first five seconds of meeting someone if they want to fuck or  
be friends. I decide if I want to fuck or kill. I want that tie and I want it now, so you better hand it over in the  
next five seconds or my fans will be able to love something else about me.' her voice was trying to maintain its casual  
sexually suggestive tone, but it was tense, as if any resistance to her demands was so uncommon that it would drive her  
to a childish fit.
Carmelita rolled her eyes as she sighed, stopping to look at the egotistical woman clearly threatening her, the foxie  
made her decision.
"Fine, I'll kill you, quit nagging already!' she said getting to her feet
'Really? That quick to fight, huh. Are you feeling ok?' Amy asked to her clearly angry comrade.
'No Im not ok, I want work out some stress.' Carmelita said making her way to the center of the square
Mary death followed her to the monument that dominated the center of the square, passerby’s and quickly realized that a  
fight was about to erupt. The fact that Mary death was a combatant quickly drew a crowd, most of which were the initial  
swarm of fans that nearly smothered their idol when she first arrived through the gates.
The crowd was eager to see their favorite bounty killer in action, but only a few of the crowd was interested in who the  
would be victim was.
Clearly the fox-woman was just a nobody that picked a fight with one of her betters......clearly.
Death would come upon this scene within mere moments.
'Well sweet heart, I hope you don’t have kids!' Mary death said as she drew a pair of hyperion made pistols.
Hyperion made guns were designed to shoot fast to take advantage of their stabilizer system, and with their deep  
magazines, superb accuracy could be achieved after a few shots.
Carmelita drew her blade and in a smooth motion, cut apart each bolt deflecting then all and closed the distance between  
her and Mary, once close enough she sliced her opponents pistols in half. While Mary reeled from the destruction of her  
guns, Carmelita followed up with a snap kick to Mary’s head, and with a spin drove her heel into her stomach, doubling  
her over. The foxy drove the pommel of her blade into her enemy’s temple.
Mary rolled across the rockcrete slabs to come to a rough stop. On her hands and knees, blood spilled from her mouth as  
she shook the stars from her vision, after her ears stopped ringing she could make out the words being said to her.
'For all its worth, the tie isn’t worth your life. Just forget it.' Carmelita said standing over her downed opponent.
With an indignant howl, Mary surged to her feet and unslung her rifle from her back. She didn’t try to aim the weapon,  
she simply held it at hip level and sprayed from the barrel as she tracked her target.
The barrel rocked under the recoil and wobbled wildly as she tried to aim, but Carmelita's speed and reflexes allowed  
her to deflect many of the bolts with her sword, if she did not simply dodge away from the cone of fire.
Observing bystanders quickly dove for cover, amazingly no one was injured my Mary's indiscriminate rage. At worst  
someone’s shield was clipped by a stray bolt, but otherwise left no one harmed.
Carmelita didn't want this fight to last any longer than necessary, she dashed in to finish her furious opponent. With  
quicksilver slashes, her blade cut apart the rifle and severed her hands at the wrist, both bloody hand and burnt  
sheared metal to fall to the court yard at their feet. The foxie followed up her attack by striking a ready pose that  
would impress the fencing masters of old and stabbed out with her sword. She stabbed three times into her opponent, her  
blade speared through Mary's heart and torso, each time she gave her blade a sudden twist.
Mary fell to her knees as her vite spilled out onto the floor to pool around her, her already addled mind was barely  
able to understand just what happened before she fell forward to die slow at Carmelita’s feet.
The silence was broken only by the constant whistle of wind through the buildings and the buzz of sand particles against  
the cities shield, and the clapping of an observer approaching from the silent crowd.
She was a heavily endowed and voluptuous woman as her feminine figure was exaggerated, black skinned with a long pony tail  
of hair and her heavy pendulum like 36I breasts bounced with each step. She was wearing a frilled white blouse that  
allowed much of her bust to be displayed along with a knee length black pencil skirt that held tight around her wide  
hips. She stopped with a sudden click of her high heels when she stood over the gasping Mary death.
This woman looked for all she was as a secretary on a break. 'Well done stranger, do you mind?' she asked indicating the  
woman on the ground
Carmelita sheathed her sword and turned to walk away, she didn’t see it, but she heard the snap of Marys vertebra as the  
black woman twisted Mary's head 180 degrees. Carmelita didn’t care what the savages would loot the body, she felt much  
better when she seen that her man Tails was waiting for her standing along with her companions.
'Feel better, babe?' asked Tails
Carmelita gave a pleased smile and nodded.
'Don’t worry, I already deployed a short range virus to erase us from any pictures or videos the audience took while you  
fought.' Tails said after he kissed her in his embrace
Realization removed the smile from the foxies face. Of course the locals watching would take pictures and videos and post  
them on all the social media on the matrix to showcase the death of Mary death a very popular celebrity shadowrunner.  
Her own identity would hardly be secret anymore. She was thankful Tails was a genius to correct her misstep.
Tails winked at her and turned to face the group, he tapped a few keys on his omni-tech tool before he addressed the  
ladies. 'Ok, no one will be able to make us popular, but that super-heavy chest caught my eye and I did a quick check on  
her.' he said
'Caught your eye like how? Her tits look like they would take up a lot of our cargo bay on their own.' joked Amy leaning  
on her spiked maul.
'I mean we will be seeing more of her. Apparently she and Moxxi traded correspondence recently, her comlink/cyberdeck  
shows that she was hired and paid a sizable portion of Black lightning and his crews credit share of the job. She’s also  
a Tanya agent on shadowrunner status.' Tails said reading off information on his wrist mounted device.
Callie confirmed this by looking into the data stream of the local matrix network. She could see the node as a cloud of  
swirling code above their heads. Tight beams form all the users lanced into the cloud in an exchange of data packages.  
Callie tracked the beam leading to the departing black woman and easily seen through her encrypted beam and read the  
data topography of her deck like a book. Tails was right, her true identity wasn’t on her deck, just bank accounts,  
contract contacts, the correspondence between her and Moxxi, and a 200GB of porn consisting of white men with huge  
dicks, exclusively. She wouldn’t have gotten along with Black lightning and his crew at all.
'That means she’s a pretty tough killer, she will be more useful that Black lighting ever would have been.' said Callie
'What’s a Tanya agent?' asked Amy
'Tanya is a code name. There is an elite commando corps in the Ameripean kingdom that consists of only beautiful women.  
I've killed a few, and if Moxxi hired one, she can certainly can pull her weight.' said Callie
'Well good, I'd rather work with a professional. But how is she here? If she’s a shadowrunner then she’s a deserter of her  
nation, right?' Carmelita asked
'Not necessarily.' said Tails 'The shadowrunners your thinking of are what we are not sanctioned by any legal entity,  
which is tolerated because they are deniable assets. A 'Legal' shadowrunner is hired so long as it benefits their legal  
sponsor, in this case the Ameripean kingdom. They are always recruited from gold-star elites from various militaries.  
They are the same as typical runners, just less flexible with who they sell their allegiance to.' Tails explained
'At least she will be competent.' sighed Carmelita
Amy looked around at the group, all were here except Lola, who would be with the ship, but where was Rouge?

Rouge was finally made her way to the lowest level of the pond punk, the private sex chambers where paying customers  
could bring the gaudy sluts to enjoy them personally. It was here that she would find her last two targets, she was  
feeling hungry again and was eager to finish this task.
Her keen ears picked out the sounds of sexual exertion behind the doors of the chambers in the short hall. There were  
few patrons, only four of the six doors were shut, she silently stalked through the hall like the hunter she was with  
fangs bared.
There were only four possible doors and she was quick to find the two she was looking for. Dark clouds was in the first  
door on the left in the hall, she slowly opened the view slot with her sharp nails. Inside was dark clouds, apparently  
she murdered her pleasure girl, she stood over the bloody bed of tangled sheets. She wasn’t saying anything sensible,  
simply muttering to herself.
Rouge didn’t care about rushing in to kill her in hand-to-hand, she pulled out a blow dart tube from one of her many  
secret hiding spots, placed it to her lips, aimed and blew. The dart was laced with the poison of a Mud demon, a  
creature found only on a nigh-uninhabitable desert world, a world Furyans frequented to 'get in touch with their  
instincts', curtesy of Lola. Dark clouds only registered the sting of the sharp needle in her neck before her nervous  
system sent shockwaves through her spasaming muscles before she collapsed, to die on the floor foaming at the mouth.
Rouge closed the view port and creped further down the hall to the room occupied by her final target, Black lightning.  
His door was partially open, allowing Rouge to see the interior through the ajar opening.
Black thunder was forcing his unnaturally enlarged manhood into the womanhood of Boobarella, which was clearly too small  
to accommodate the hideous gene-forged penis that shouldn’t be!
Poor Boobarella was sobbing and whimpering softly to the pain of her punished body, there was clearly a struggle given  
the state of the room, the tossed bed and lamp stand kicked over with the lamp itself on the floor. She resisted, no  
doubt not terribly thrilled at the prospect of a dick so big it’s useless being shoved into her.
'Take it bitch, you'll learn to love it.' growled Black lightning as he held the woman down by pushing down on a breast  
with one hand and the other by her neck while his oversized dick ground inside her with slow painful movements.
'Please stop....please...stop!' gasped the house whore
Rouge stepped in at this moment, she slammed the door open and delivered right haymaker to his vulnerable temple. Black  
lightning, to his credit, didn’t hesitate to retaliated with a backhanded fist. Rouge ducked easily under the swing and  
hooked the curved edge of her sacred weapon around the opposite side of the base of his manhood.
With a tug, the keen edge easily sliced through the flesh, severing everything from the scrotum forward. Black lightning  
didn’t notice how strange it was that he had turned entirely too easy to face to face with the bat-girl who hit him at  
first, but the cold sting of his wound drew his eyes down. To his silent shock and horror, he seen his hot blood  
spurting from his wound and was in a state of disbelief that his sexual member was separated from him, which was being  
pulled out by the whore as gently as possible as she could from her body.
Rouge didn’t hesitate, with an upward slash the edge of her curved blade pierced through his brain pan and out of his  
scalp, she pulled the blade and cut through his face and with the return strike, she slashed through his temple and,  
cutting Black lightning’s eyes in half.
The corpse fell back limply to the floor of the filthy room, when the body hit the floor Black lightning head split open  
messily, followed by the wet splat of his severed manhood after the poor whore finally dislodged it from her abused  
Rouge felt numb, she was sick from the debauchery she just witnessed. She thought to herself that she would prefer the  
company of Klingons and Saiyans in the same room over these body warping, gender-jumping, cannibal, baby killing, money  
worshipping freaks of the I.A.
She wanted to get away and go home!
'Are you going to kill me?' asked Boobarella through a tear streaked face.
Rouge was broken from her thoughts by the question and looked over the helpless woman who had curled herself into a  
protective ball in the wake of the sudden violence.
Having pity for the woman, Rouge casually tossed a credstick worth 500K to the pleasure girl 'Go see a good doctor.'  
Rouge said over her shoulder to the surprised other woman as she turned to leave. Rouge put away her weapon and made  
herself presentable and as un-suspicious as possible before she made her way out of the club.
The only thing on her mind was to reunite with her companions, take a nice hot shower and getting some food for her and  
the little one.
The demon horde that must be closer to the walls by now was a bigger concern to her right now.


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Well I'm 30 now, I have to admit that I have been emotional these last two days and I cried a few times, I haven't really been able to live life to the fullest and I think back at what should have gone different :'(

But I pray that my 30's will be fuller and more fun than my 20's :') I was in the army for seven years and I had so little time to do anything besides train for deployments, and when I got out, it was right into school and looking for a job.

But I am grateful that there have been people here who have enjoyed my stories and pictures that I commissioned, thank you :')
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