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Its surreal to see Freiza and Gohan fight side by side like this, Gohan was literally helping someone who tortured him as a boy and killed
his life long friend and in the end Freiza stayed on the ring.
Dyspo didn't need to be so damn cocky, not like Hit didn't already beat the hell out of him already.

So now the next episode is the big Toppo fight, I'm willing to bet that him, freiza and 17 with be all knocked out of the ring so that way
it will just be Jiren, Goku and Vegeta.
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Fire cat slow motion

Im sorry it took so damn long to make this but i did this to show people that not only could Ivy have stopped Orchids fire cat form, but to show that Orchid does not begin to shift back into human form until AFTER all of the fire cats paws are on the ground FIRST.

Some people have argued agaisnt me that the only reason Glacious could punch her out of the fire cat form was becasue it happend at the latter half of the leap and therefore was already mostly human so my cliam that Ivy could stop the fire cat form at all was false, i was accused of sophisim for this.
Well thanks to slow motion, we can see that absolutlely none of her body was human at all, it was all fire cat, and she still got knocked out of it. So yes, Ivy could have easily stopped Orchid from rushing her becasue her long range sword strikes could have stopped her every time.
As seen on the right.
So whos practising sophisim? Me or deathbattle?

On the left we can see that Orchid does not turn human until AFTER all her fire cat paws are on the ground.

Orchid can only pass through energy based attacks, not anything physical.


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Ok, plenty of people know how I've been arguing and calling for a Tifa v Yang rematch. A rematch with correct data, all the info
that Deathbattle left out to give Yang the win.
All this time I've been calling out DB on a lot of their episodes, not just this one, but what I've been using to justify a rematch and secure the win
for Tifa was proving that her Premium hearts gauntlets would enhance her strength so much that Yang couldn't survive a single strike form Tifa, I've
also been explaining that she's no glass cannon because glass cannons don't tank supernovas and she's not slow because she can move so fast she
disappears all around her opponent to strike behind the enemy guard.
A lot of my data was provided by fan sources:…@

And thanks to the revelations provided by Deathbattle themselves in their latest FF character fight, Sephiroth v Virgil, they prove themselves wrong by
expanding on what the FF stat system means.
By using Zack's stats as a base, and dividing the difference between him and a Lv. 50 Sephiroth (Who was used in the DB episode itself.) they established what the seemingly generic numbers in the stat system mean.

At Lv. 1, Zack is able to exert a strength level of 980 million newton's of force which equals out to 110,156.38 tons of strength.
His Str is 22 while Sephiroths is 78
78/22 = 3.5
3.5 x 980 million = 3,469,200,000 newton's (Which is rounded up by Deathbattle to 3.5 billion. Ok, I can play that game too.)
3.5 billion newton's equals 393,415.65 tons of strength.
Or 7.17017208413E-13  Kilotons Of TNT

Sephiroths stats Lv. 50
Strength: 78
Dexterity: (Speed) 65
Vitality: (Durability) 121
Magic: 75
Spirit: 121
Luck: 46

Zack's stats Lv. 1
Strength: 22
Dexterity: 8
Vitality: 12
Magic: 13
Spirit: 10
Luck: 5

Ok, great. Both of these two are so physically strong they can easily knock over buildings, probably devastate a landscape. And Sephiroth can move at supersonic speeds at his Lv. 50.
But lets check out how Tifa stacks up at level 99.

Tifa lockharts stats Lv. 99
EXP: 2420933  
HP: 9033  
MP: 850
Strength: 96  
Dexterity: (Speed) 71  
Vitality: (Durability) 85  
Magic: 89  
Spirit: 96  
Luck: 30  

She's a lot more powerful than either Zack or Sephiroth, she grows to outclass Zack and she and the rest of the crew (Cloud included) and how powerful Sephiroth was pre-life stream and Advent children. (In advent children he would have gotten more powerful if Cloud had not stopped him, but I digress.)

Strength refinements: Str 96
Ok, this is going by Deathbattles own style and equations, this is something they did that is actually going to help my argument that Tifa should have utterly crushed Yang, MUCH more so than before.
We will divide Tifas strength of 96 by Zack's 22 which will equal 4.36. (But lets round up to the nearest tenth like Wiz and Boomstick did and put it at 4.4 times greater than Zack.)
Then we take Zacks 980 million newton's of power and multiply it by 4.4 which will equal 4,312,000,000 newton's.
4,312,000,000 newton's converted into tons of force equals 484,688.08 tons.
Oh, and since this annoying crap keeps coming up, 4,312,000,000 newton's equals 4,312 joule's. So there, that's the explosive force in TNT.
Or 9.56022944551E-13  Kilotons Of TNT.

Tifas Level 99 strength stat of 96 equals a base strength of 484,688.08 tons of strength without any augmenting equipment. So on her own her natural strength is equal to 21.07 Nagasaki bombs.
At this point Tifa does not need her Premium hearts anymore, her base strength is enough to literally shatter any part of Yang's body that she chooses to hit. Yang simply can not endure anything Tifa can send her way.
Tifa would punch or kick her way though Yang like she was jelly.

But what is the increase of power provided by the Premium hearts, her ultimate weapons?
Lets see here
484,688.08 x 7.6 (Premium hearts) x 4 (Full limit break meter bonus) = 14,734,517.63 tons (Per normal punch/kick)
And for the limit break calculations.
14,734,517.63 x 1.25 (Beat rush) x 2(Yeah! bonus) = 36,836,294.08 tons
14,734,517.63 x 1.375 (Somersault) x 2(Y.B.) = 40,519,923.48 tons
14,734,517.63 x 1.5 (Water kick) x 2(Y.B.) = 44,203,552.89 tons
14,734,517.63 x 1.625 (Meteodive) x 2(Y.B.) = 47,887,182.3 tons
14,734,517.63 x 1.75 (Dolphin blow) x 2(Y.B.) = 51,570,811.71 tons
14,734,517.63 x 1.875 (Meteor strike) x 2(Y.B.) = 55,254,441.11 tons
14,734,517.63 x 2.625 (Final heaven) x 2(Y.B.) = 77,356,217.56 tons
Grand total in tons: 353,628,423.1 tons.
That would be 3,146,035,190,807.81 newton's of force
Or 15,375.14 times the Nagasaki bomb. (I'll go ahead and keep using the bigger bomb in this, Wiz can have little one.)
To think Yang could survive with or without her Semblance at full power prior to Tifa using her Premium hearts is asking to much, to expect Yang to survive after she puts them on is absurd.
Its stupid to think otherwise.
And I know what your thinking, how the hell can Tifa be so damn strong? Its insane!
Well that's just how it works, its not a surprise to me about a franchise that regularly has its hero characters go from fighting random goons, to armies to gods and demons, you have to expect this much.
And the numbers are derived form DB's own data, again. And I really don't know what else to say about it.

Speed refinements
Sephiroth base speed is (DEX) 65 divide Tifas 71 will equal 1.1 times his speed.
If Sephiroth is almost as fast as Virgil at Lv. 50, then Tifa is 1.1 times faster, Yang is outpaced and out maneuvered. Yang simply cant keep up.
Tifa can at least go as fast as Dante or Virgil by my assumption.

Durability refinements
We already knew that the whole crew of FF 7 could endure the supernova since 1997, so her durability has never been in question. She has never been a glass cannon. Glass cannons don't tank supernovas. And thanks to this being recognized as true for Sephiroth, it is now true for the whole FF 7 cast.
Tanking a supernova is GREATER than a concrete pillar, or even three pillars. It don't matter anymore.
Tifa is FAR more durable than Yang is. And that is all to say on the subject.

And that is the big update to further prove DB wrong, and it came from an unexpected place which is Wiz and Boomstick themselves, and I have to say thank you for helping me debunk you with your own data (Again.). I just hope that with some professional bearing you can take this info for what its worth and accept it.
I look forward to the rematches of Cloud v Link, Tifa v Yang and Bayonetta v Dante. (If integrity actually means a damn that is.)
Thank you for this gift, really.
After this maybe the other bad call episodes can be corrected. (Ivy v Orchid, Wonder woman v Rouge, Thor v Wonder woman etc. There are a lot of them.)

Speaking of which, here is the link to the Bayo v Dante debunk here on my page:

They got Bayonetta vs Dante wrong.
Because of course DB would get it wrong.
Bayonetta is superior to Dante in every way, and that cant be debated.
Strength: Bayonetta rips her enemies to pieces with her bare hands, human size to giants. Ive never seen Dante
throw a punch and only ever force open the jaws of one big monster. Her attacks would utterly pulverize Dante.
Speed: Witch time equals light speed, this is true because it counters Lumen sage's own light speed movements (Light speed notation:….) Quicksilver may counter that, but it would not last. This is because Dantes high end abilities (Devil trigger, magic, high level weapon tech) draw from the same energy pool. Using all of these abilities at once or back to back would drain it within seconds, Ive done this during gameplay. And since witch time lasts as long as she wants and when she wants, Bayonetta would easily out pace him. Hitting 108,000
If ANYONE can offer info the refine this info and further its argument that Bayo should have won, please send it to me. Calculations, footage, anything.

And I will leave with a copy paste from another journal, some good links to relevant conversations on narutoforums
A good text from :iconvictorecx:
So it turns out that Sephiroth won. Of course, since this battle was Vergil vs. Sephiroth, it was going to be a lose-lose situation no matter who won. They treated Sephiroth's Super Nova attack as legitimate, so they showed yet again how inconsistent they are when it comes to bringing out verdicts. You can get more details starting on this page:…@

Some choice quotes:

Xhominid (…@): They just rendered null THREE DEATH BATTLES with this verdict.
Cloud vs. Link
Tifa vs. Yang
and Dante vs. Bayonetta.

Xhominid (…@): What makes this more ridiculous is the sheer level of wanking they did to Vergil and thus makes the Dante feat even more asinine since Bayonetta has done some pretty similar and crazy feats of her own. I mean wow, dump on Bayonetta and show how outclassed Vergil is against Sephiroth, fucking seriously!?

Xadlin (…@): They fucking make supernova a legit feat, but downplay BOTH clouds and tifas limit breaks to “not making the damage they show that they do”
-no real meteors
-no nuke punch
-but a legit supernova? Dafuc?!
So, by saying this is legit, both previous ff battles are rendered obsolete, since both cloud and tifa can fucking tank that shit?!
So, fuck yangs pillar level and links unbreakable hylian shield then!!

They can now not go back to those battles and say that the research and outcome was legit.

External links
Convert newton's to joules:…@
Another source:…@
Convert newton's to tons:…@
Convert newton's to kilotons (TNT):…@
Tifa updated stats
Ok, for the sake of adding share options and hashtags, I made this available as a deviation.
If you already read this, thank you.

Original journal entry:…
Well this episode was awesome.
Vegeta actually transformed ahead of Goku in the Blue super line, that's impressive.
Looks like what he had when he became a Super saiyan 2nd grade, only blue.
So I'm sure there is a SS blue 2 and onward.

Dyspo was running his mouth until Freiza stood back up, still the next episode might see him knocked out.

And Goku can use the distructo disk now, that's new.

Speaking of, can anyone explain why Goku powered down while fighting Jiren?
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T.A.C. agent Thunder Chocolate

Here is the second of Glory apples four daughters, drawn by :iconganassa:
Like her sisters, Thunder inherited an aspect form her mother, in this case her massive bust. She's a real crowd pleaser, and can fight crowds easily
with her unique shotgun.
Good cook too, she makes a killer batch of venison pot pie.
With all that said, I wonder who paid attention when I commissioned Glory apple mentioned she had four guns to represent her four daughters, and looked at the color pattern?
Speaking of color patterns, who guessed her cammo was a homage to her half n' half nature?

Tanya Adams corp agent: Thunder Chocolate
Real name: Forgot it.
Age: Maybe 18 or 20
Race: White/Black biracial (Im like a glass of chocolate milk.)
Sex: Woman (Yep. As you can see.)
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Top heavy. (Almost tip over sometimes, and smacked a few in the face while turning around.)
Measurements: 40H - 24- 35 (My mom gave me HUGE tits!)
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Light shade of brown, long to her hips, silky without curls
Panties: Purple, with dragon crest (Think you can get me to show it to you?)
Weapon: Origin 12 style auto shotgun. Shock element.

Profile: Born shortly after her sister Spicy Peach, Thunder chocolate grew up inspired by her mothers exploits and became a commando like her.
Thunder developed a maternal persona, often cooking when not training.
After training she favored the shotgun, fully expecting to fight whole crowds of infantry and wanting the best advantage in closed spaces, her shock element capacitor she favored ensured that any not hut by a charged pellet would still suffer under the arch's of weaponized electricity.

Her first known exploit was the liberation of the Empire state building.
Anti-fa, the home grown terrorist group, and useful idiot puppets, invaded the world famous American structure to hold it and the people within hostage with weapons
provided by the REAL communist empire of the Soviet union (Who brutally killed 100+ million people in real life).
They thought this would touch off a revolution, to tear down the nation these eloping brainwashed upper middle-class morons enjoyed so much privilege hated so much.
But while they were distracted demanding a supply of low-fat non-GMO non-gluten latte's with the authorities who blockaded them inside, the black masked wanna-be warriors didn't notice the fleet of troop transports depositing platoons of Peacekeepers, medic teams and Tanya adams agents on the top observatory, Thunder chocolate included.

It wasn't the threat of the gang of anarchists within the building that prompted such a hard response, it was the fact that a hidden lab built under.
The danger of the lab being discovered was to much of a risk, so the big guns were sent in to reclaim the iconic building.
Room by room and hall by hall, Thunder chocolate led the way with shotgun wielding Peacekeepers and Tanya agents right behind her. (She had a lot to live up to after all.)

By the time the threat coming from above was known to the anti-fa leader, it was too late.
Under a hail of lightning laced pellets tore into bodies protected only by cheap black hoodie's, cutting them all down.

And so victory was achieved, the Soviets attempt to bring the building down by the hand of their puppets was foiled, and soon America could gain the technology to control the weather and bring down the thunder on her enemies would soon be theirs. 



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Its surreal to see Freiza and Gohan fight side by side like this, Gohan was literally helping someone who tortured him as a boy and killed
his life long friend and in the end Freiza stayed on the ring.
Dyspo didn't need to be so damn cocky, not like Hit didn't already beat the hell out of him already.

So now the next episode is the big Toppo fight, I'm willing to bet that him, freiza and 17 with be all knocked out of the ring so that way
it will just be Jiren, Goku and Vegeta.
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So, ummm... Sephiroth won.
Now what?
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Which is a massive upgrade for them
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But they will see this mentioned to them at least
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